The Zookeeper 2.0 | 500K+ DPS | 170+ Corruption | T3 Dungeons | Beginner-Friendly | Full Written Guide | 0.9.0f

i respecced into the cold version of squirrels and opted for the full 10 squirrels. seems to be clearing A LOT faster, but might respec into more minion health, since squirrels tend to be squishy

That’s nice to hear! Squirrels are bound to be great for clearing, since one companion slot means two squirrels, so they can spread out more. You’ll probably lose single target damage, but if you like the squirrels, it doesn’t matter, fun is op!

I did a poison beastmaster a looong time ago, with Serpent Strike, Draalsting, Aspect of the Viper, and a single Scorpion. It was insanely strong, but it was at a time when poison, and Aspect of the Viper in particular, was OP. It would probably still be very strong though :slight_smile:

OK, I joined this game last October and never tried this before. Just found with primal resonance, there is like a two-second CD venom nova that almost melts everything on the screen, just incredible.

Oh, welcome! ^^ Well, it’s a bit late to say welcome, but I’ll say it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: If you have questions about the build I mentioned, feel free to PM me!

I wouldn’t drop wolves either

all great suggestions. Like I said in the video, I’m not much of a min-maxer, maybe when the game gives me a reason to do so. But it’s nice to see people have their own takes on a build, I think that’s the whole point and fun of it. Always something to improve, so thanks for the feedback.


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How do you get to six total companions? +1 from wolf skill tree, +1 from helm, +1 from bm passive, isnt that just 5 max?

There is a passive node for +1 companion too.

Nature’s Embrace passive gives +1, as well as the BM mastery bonus.

Love the build, this is my first time playing this game, and I’m really enjoying it, thank you!

I wanted to point out what I think may be a flaw in the loot filter: in the recoloring section near the bottom, all the tier sums are set to “equal” instead of “more or equal,” even though it looks like on the rule name it has >= marked. I picked up a recolored item with tier sum =6, increased one of the affixes and dropped it, and it was invisible to the filter, because it was now at tier sum=7.

òh that’s a good point, should be equal or more indeed

thx smithtim108 for the alert

question now i found ator’s legacy
i play with raptor, sabertooth, bear and 2 wolves and swipe

is one more wolf better than my helmet
54 % minion damage

+2 wolf 41% minion damage
+7 strength
19% health
23% phys res

ator’s is just for one more compagnon right ?

more minions are basically a more multiplier to damage, so losing a sixth of your minions is kind of the same as losing a sixth of your damage. Not 100% accurate of course, but that’s probably the way to look at this.

why should we use Itelligence for this build?

I think the intelligence you’re seeing is solely the result of being on random exalted items he didn’t want to risk losing good stats on by using a Rune of Removal. I think it’s just incidental.

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no, but I don’t have perfect gear, so I’m sure there’s some random int stats on the build too. I’m mentioning what to focus on in the wish list/stats section of the guide.

I think the big one in the Frenzy Totem tree is 250% increase crit chance for minions when your Wolves howl. I would not drop that, it feels incredibly strong.

Irony alert. I postponed this Zoo build when a decent Squirrel Helm dropped. Mine had a very poor roll for chance to bleed for minions, so i went with the full crit build and 10 Squirrels. It’s good, but not great. Squirrel crits are small so it felt only on a par with this Zoo. However a 2nd Squirrel hat dropped soon after that had almost maxxed out minion bleed roll so I fully respecced to bleed Squirrels.

OMG that made a world of difference. That char immediately became my 2nd most powerful of all, absolutely destroying empowered monos. Bleed Squirrels is next level. I’ve found it fine for single target (in fact it absolutely destroys single target, hitting 500+ Bleeds in mere seconds), it is arena/clear it has some (minor) issues with.

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