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The Wengari got me (Boss Fights Praise)

I am absolutely loving the boss fights in Last Epoch. They really force you to keep alert and use your skills wisely. They really put the action back in Action RPG. In my opinion, they are the most enjoyable boss fights in any ARPG I have played.

I was just playing my second character (hardcore) and got taken out by the Wengari Patriarch/Matriarch. I was doing well but got caught with my ward down and was hit by one of the leap attacks that took me down. Losing another character felt bad (have yet to finish the campaign, as I prefer jumping in with hardcore from the start), but I felt like I deserved the death, and I felt that if I were a better player I would have been able to dodge the leap and survive.

I hope as LE evolves, the devs can keep the feeling of these exciting boss fights. For me the boss fights are definitely the selling point of LE. A boss fight centred end game activity could be a fun addition in the future as well.


I can definitely tell you, there are many more bosses waiting for you, to kill you :smiling_imp:

While Monolith Of Fate is not a solely “boss-centered” endgame activity, the apex of that game mode are definitely the boss fights.

Good Luck with those, most of the bosses have a very good learning curve, because it’s very clear most of the tiem, from what ability you died.

Ya, I realize I am not even close to finished all the bosses. I’m excited to face all the bosses in Monolith.

Dying to the Wengari Matriarch reminded me of playing Dark Souls. You learn the bosses mechanics after a few deaths and then just keep going at it.

I like to play ARPGs in Hardcore mode, but with how the boss fights reward skilled play, it really had me wanting to just jump right back into my character and try to see if I can beat them under the same setting.

It’s very rewarding for sure, but can also be frustrating, because if you die in HC, it literally takes forever until you can give the boss another shot.

I don’t know what kind of player you are and if you want to get spoiled before fighting the bosses, but i did a MoF Boss Guide Video, because alot of people are frustrated with MoF Bosses.

Feel free to check it out, if you wanna prepare yourself, before jumping into MoF.

I can promise you, even when you already know the bosses from some videos, the fights are still very adrenaline filled :smiling_imp:

MoF Boss Guide Video

Thanks for letting me know about the video. Ya, in hardcore it can feel a little frustrating if you suddenly get sidelined by something the first time through and then have to start over.

Having to wait to try the boss again is definitely a downside when playing hardcore. I am very tempted to just play through softcore with my dead hardcore character to get used to all the bosses first. The satisfaction of going in blind in hardcore and beating the game feels great, but it’ll probably take me an eternity just to finish the campaign this way (I’m a pretty casual player).

I mean obviously i am not here to tell you how to play, but i think playing the game on SC to experience all the boss fights first is a good strategy to learn the game more before diving into HC.

What makes HC waaaaaay worse than compared to other games, even if you go FULL TANK, there are still boss skilsl that are not meant to be facetanked and they can rip apart even teh most tanky character.

I can tell you, even when knowing the bosses by heart, some fo them still get my adrenaline going^^

Playing exclusively in HC gives me the adrenaline I am sorely lacking IRL, especially with this COVID business still going.

That said I’ve lost 11 characters in the 250 hours I’ve played (mostly from a new boss/ encounter). After my last death, a few things clicked and I haven’t died in 2 weeks. I’ve also gone in the game pretty much blind, avoiding knowledge of spoilers, mechanics, build guides. Learning everything by myself because the game was still fresh.

There was no frustration after each death for me; it meant that I could roll a brand new character and try out new skills I’ve not touched yet.

But Rahyeh still gives me PTSD. What a nice fight the very first time. I only have 3 more timelines left to clear, and I hope they will be as exciting as Rahyeh was. Thanks EHG!

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For me he’s among the best boss fights. Along with two bosses of the level 90 timelines, I don’t say which ones, I don’t want to spoil in case you don’t already know. :wink:

Major props, we need more players like this :smiling_imp:

For me discvoering everything on my own terms, is the single best thing in this kind of games.

Be it new uniques, new skill synergies, new bosses etc.

Yeah LE does a excellent job in communicating thigns visually.
The only thing that could be imrpoved woudl be audio cues.
(I hate to bring up PoE, because i don’t want this to de-rail int oa PoE discussion, but Sirus has the best audio cues i have ever witnessed in a Boss Fight, short, precise, clear, thematicly fitting and they still gives me nightmares)

Yep, Rahyeh, The Black Sun is definitely my favorite boss.
The only thing i hate about him, that he skips 2 of his mechanics, if he has 3 stacks of chill on him.

While i do like that chill is very strong, skipping entire mechanics should not be a thing.

Exactly like a feared Lagon. I had a fight with him once (the normal one, at the end of the campaign) and he fought for maybe 15 to 20 seconds, no more. During all the rest of the fight, he was feared and did not move at all. Easy and cool, but very frustrating.

For me discvoering everything on my own terms, is the single best thing in this kind of games.

I found this possible with LE due to the level of complexity in the game right now. If it got any more complex with more interactions between skills/ characters/ equipment affixes down the line, I wouldn’t be surprised that a Starter/ Build guide would become necessary.

Sirus has the best audio cues

Sirius is one very well designed encounter, and I think any developer should take note.

The only thing i hate about him, that he skips 2 of his mechanics, if he has 3 stacks of chill on him.

That answers some questions I had. Sometimes he would just totally skip his movesets leaving me bewildered. I wanted to chalk it off to RNG, but it happens too often.

I think EHG tries very hard to not bloat LE much.
If they introduce a few more mechanics, those will most likely be more towards endgame.

LE does a very good job of gradually introducing new game systems and mechanics to the player, without feeling daunting/overwhelming.

He can skip his “fly to the edge and rush at you leaving a trial mechanic” and “fly to the middle and do it’s cake slice damage telegraph”.

For both of those mechancis he will fly into position, but not executing the attack.
I think the boss ahs just a limtied timeframe in which he tries to cast the given skill, but when it’s slowed too much it’s not going off.

I really do like that chill is suepr strong against most bosses, but this is just too much, it feels like cheating.

The boss fights interact with the mono mods very nicely and you have unexpected combinations of extreme danger. Rahyeh is absolutely glorious purple hell with cooldown reduction on him :smiley:

The codown recovery mod does not affect bosses (since it’s a rare enemy mod).

Only enrage and frenzy affect the bosses cast speed.

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These bosses need a pretty serious nerf. With no mods, they 1 shot all builds except extreme tanks (moderate tanks still get 1 shot), and you can’t avoid their AoEs most of the time no matter what you do.

The Wengari couple is totally dodgeable and avoidable! I have slow reflexes and I can avoid their lethal attacks.

Some of the time, but not most of the time. I have characters that can face-tank the main Boss abilities of every, single, other boss in the entire game and not go below 75% health that get 1 shot by these two. They need to be removed or their damage dramatically reduced.

Disagree, the mechanical level for every boss is very low. You can achieve some builds that are able to face tank all bosses. Otherwise you just have to actually pay attention and evade the mechanics. It’s part of the design after all.

This is just false. When you can either face tank or avoid all the other boss mechanics, but constantly get 1 shot by just this 1 boss (set of bosses), then the problem is the boss, not the character or player skill.

This is a Beta product. It has a flaw (well, many, to be fair). They need to nerf this boss a LOT. It is dealing 4 times as much damage as other bosses.

I’m not sure I believe that. If you can face tank monolith Lagon’s eye beams, Rahyeh’s pie attack and the Dragon Emperor’s aoe/breath you should be able to face tank the leap attack and avalanche.