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The Tree Stooges (BM, Druid, Shaman Spriggan Builds 0.8.1C)

I just cant stop playing the Spriggan, so here´s 3 new builds for 0.8.1C.

A few things that goes for all three builds :

  • Theyre all made in SSF, so gearing/blessings aint optimal, but its easy to get gear
  • They can all go 200+waves in Arena
  • All content viable

The Beastmaster :
Concept of the build is to be tanky while still having decent damage both from Pets and Vines.

The Shaman :
Concept of the build is to have high damage Vines with some pets for distractions/buffs.

The Druid :
Concept of the build is to cast Vines and Root Wall which grants us Ice Thorns which procs Thorn Totems on hit. Also we have a strong Spriggan companion focused on damage skills.


One question thou: Should the shaman not work “best” with the spriggans healing totems you can convert to thorn totems? I tested this for a bit but the mana consumption is killing it for me as well as the feeling of loosing dmg even casting the totems :D.

I cant say if it works “best”, but @ApprenticeCorner made a totem version here which can easily sustain mana even without the belt :

(You can also have thorn totems procced from making root wall cast Ice thorn on you or itself, and then use the idol that has a chance to proc totem on hit. I use that on the Druid version, and it procs alot)

Thanks for making these I really enjoyed the Shaman one and I managed to update today, Going to try them all I think, very cool playstyle for me.

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Your velcome, ye the playstyle fits me well too, very relaxing and no wrist pain from clicking on every mob.

…and i can go “Al Bundy style” with my left hand :sunglasses:

These are awesome builds. Any chance we can get your loot filter?

Thanks, I dont think my personal filters would be very good to share as im constantly changing them according to what i dont need anymore, but ive made one that should cover all three builds :
Spriggan.xml (8.1 KB)
A few notes tho :

  • It wont be good for lower level items
  • There could be a few affixes too much depending on what build you play, so you should look it carefully through
  • It might not be the most optimal way to make it, but it works for me
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Thanks Mate, will give it a go…

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mate you are a star :slight_smile: i use (Shaman) now with a combo with healing totems and big vines, two wolves and the Spriggan follower. No issues with mana en convert the totems to cold give also freezz to the mobs in the front off me… great builds mate love it…

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I very much like the style of the Spriggan Form, and I WANT to spec Shaman for the class passive, but the nodes on the tree seem so bad. I ended up going Druid for the Endurance nodes.

@DMFVisuals Thanks, ye there are lots of ways to mix up the builds with other stuff, my next project is going to be a perma-freeze spriggan, but its a bit on hold as i need a break from the spriggan atm heh.
Just note that if youre using the big vines without the “razor vine” node they wont benefit from the shamans adaptive spell damage :wink:

@darkdeal The nodes in Shaman may “seem” bad, but theyre unmatched in terms of pure damage, +26 flat damage for 50+vines is a lot, and its my favourite for clearing Monos. But ye Druid/BM is more defensive and better if you wanna push arena or are looking for less manually avoidance.

Thanks for pointing that out, but when i checked the node its was already selected. Did you looked at the Shaman build or some of the other Druid builds.

Im not really sure what you mean by this?
(I use “razor vines” in all these builds, and none of them uses the Big vines. The only time i used Big vines was a BM build i made in last patch)

Misunderstanding , yes i am using the razor vines including the Big vines. …

On the beastmaster build why did u boost the aoe effect of spriggan? we can never cast it ? no?

The spriggan pet has both an active heal (which is correct we cant use) and a passive aura heal. The passive aura heal is always on and the points in the skill tree will affect that aura.

Thank you for the Builds, they seems all very nice to be played.

Now i have a difficulty to choose between the 3. What do you recommend? what should be the most fun and not so difficult to play?
Thank you for your advise

Your welcome, its hard to say which is more fun, but heres my view of them :

BM : Probably the easiest to play as we can hide behind our pets and let them do most of the work, and therefore dont have to cast vines and root wall as much. Also the tankiest of them all

Shaman : The highest damage dealer, tho not as tanky, but most things die before they get to you. You will have to cast more vines tho and manually avoid more things than the BM

Druid : A mix of Shaman/BM, decent tanky and decent damage

They all have the same playstyle which is casting vines and roots, so i guess i would recommend BM overall.

I really like the Spriggan BM. It’s very easy to level and you don’t need super duper hard-to-find mega gear, which is always a plus. And yes, he is pretty tanky. I just now started the timelines. He’s having absolutely no problems. He’s just going to keep getting better and better as he progresses, I think.

Thank you so much Guys for your helpful advises!
I have started this nice game since only two days, so clearly now i am on the learning curve.
I will definitively go for the BM, as first character seems a good choice.
I have to look on internet about Vines / Root, it is not still clear for me what is it…newbe i am!