The Super Tank Build Guide (0.7.10C)

Do you want to be so tanky you’re practically unkillable? Do you want a build that can push more than 300 arena waves? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this build is for you!

Gear Planner: Gear Planner

Endgame Loot Filter: Super Tank Pally Endgame (TT1_McFluffin).xml (11.8 KB)


Finally a 99% tank spec that gets results!

There must be something to do with the 350/s regen and the maxed block, I had 82% block on a VK and it was not enough and prone to being bursted at 180+, but it makes me want to try to craft a set with 100% vit/hp/regen and try again

Among other things, how did you deal with siege golems/meruna ogres/spammy fat monsters with the “more health” mod?

It’s layering defenses, but the biggest one is definitely block (It’s really OP right now IMO). In the arena I had 99% block (my shield rolled low on tier 5 block chance and fractured before I could refine it, or I could’ve been at 100%). Block is effectively adding a better version of capped glancing blow to your character when it approaches 100%. This build also uses almost every other damage reduction option available to it including both vengeance DRs, armour clad, Hammer & Anvil, and an Oracle Amulet. Don’t underestimate Hammer & Anvil…it’s a universal DR so it affects DoTs as well. From there, it’s stacking health and regen along with resists on gear. The regen is actually more like 460 with Sigils, so yeah that’s a big part of it. Combined with on block effects I’m usually gaining EHP instead of losing it (Ward on Block from the Holy Aura Tree).

Big health spammy monsters are just a matter of standing on them and holding down vengeance while keeping all of your buffs up. They take a while, but they don’t do any damage so it’s a guaranteed win…eventually. Only thing to be somewhat careful about is making sure you’re not getting hit by siege golem’s fire cone attack and the circle AoE at the same time. Standing very close to the golem can avoid the cone altogether. Ogres/beetles/etc have no chance of killing this build.

Tbh i don’t get how in this forum i read block called OP when you SPEND 1/3 of your pts and skills into it (while vengeance gives 30% with 5pts or when anvil costs you 25% less damage). Then the next thread is some acolyte/mage with 5k hp and 1mil crits and it’s all cool :slight_smile:

For example:

Some mobs like the beetle queen and the siege golem spam DOTs that for sure ignores block altogether, so if it does really facetank ground dots and aoe spams like those from the beetle queen, void scorps, flesh boulder thing, it has to do with the HP regen together with Vengeance + Anvil + Sentinel DR

Good to see some full tank work on Pally btw, ill give it a shot at VK the next time ill get back to LE

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It’s simple. A build like this is unkillable in the Monolith even on empowered unless the player stacks massive damage modifiers, which are easily avoidable. Block builds are also currently destroying the arena. I got to 305 and got bored and quit, Rimed pushed to 380, and shield throw versions are pushing into the deep 400s. The only build keeping up with the top end runs is FoE’s Sorc build, which is also OP plus he’s arguably the best arena player. Being unkillable in the hardest “traditional” endgame content and being able to push to the top of the competitive content on multiple builds because of one mechanic makes that mechanic OP. I believe reducing the block chance cap to something well under 100% should resolve this problem while keeping tanky sentinel builds strong.

Yes, the DoT is being countered by non block DR and regen. The DoT isn’t really the scariest part of beetles though, and the player still has to be somewhat careful with Siege Golems once they stack two DoTs together. Ultimately though you’re onto another problem I have, which is that Sentinel has better access to DoT DR than any other class by a country mile. If I were a forge guard, I could’ve gotten an additional 30% DoT DR from the top of the tree. Altogether, that would’ve resulted in 70.6% total DR on DoTs. My current build still manages 58% total DR. I think the devs need to either give other classes more DoT mitigation options or reduce what sentinel can get, or something in between.

Edit: Just want to clarify that DoT mitigation is very much a secondary problem here. The only way this build dies is to DoTs. It’s effectively invincible to hits.

And i see nothing wrong to have a facetank considering how much damage you sacrifice to achieve such tank, why spending to reach 1mil crits seems ok but spending to reach facetank should be OP?

The gear seem to be 99% into tank, dropping a 2h weapon for the shield, (almost) no gear mods into crit, inc damage and any other dmg mod

Plus a good chunk of passives and skills into block and damage reduction, Anvil is like 10-12 passives right? Then block is 20+ and many of the remaining pts are also into full tank from what i see.

I was asking about the “more health” mobs because with such slow dmg i guess it takes more than 1h to reach wave 300+ and if you wouldnt even be able to facetank their dots it would be totally useless to be so slow and still not able to tank.

For reference, VK maxed block at around 80-85%, without such high regen (also didnt try anvil at the time), it easily goes down to a 200+ pack or a ground dot, so there is some breaking pt above those stats, which imo it is anvil + vengeance + 300+ regen.

What I do think that rather needs a balance pass are:

  • Unique weapons: unique weapons seem to be the BIS choice in every build im seeing and it’s not about special properties from the item but only about giving max damage,
    personally i’d prefer that you would be able to craft your weapon rather than wait for a lucky BIS drop
  • 2H needs to have an alternative choice to pure dmg, that allows them to achieve the same results of having 50+ block effectiveness. The easiest solution to me is to give block also to 2H

It’s not OK. that’s OP too and needs a nerf :slight_smile:

Most builds don’t use unique weapons. There are a few that are BiS for some builds (Undisputed, Eye of Reen, and probably Plaguebearer’s staff), but most of the time a well crafted will soundly beat a unique.

2H has block. They can get to 50-60% block chance and ~50% block effectiveness on a vengeance build. I’ve been messing around with it the past week or so, and it’s considerably tankier than no block, but it still pales in comparison to 100% block chance builds. I know you love sentinel and fear nerfs to your favorite class, but 100% block chance is broken and needs to be rebalanced just like those extremely high damage builds you’ve mentioned.

Last time i checked 2h block it had very low effectiveness, it would be much if you had more than 20% pseudo DR from 2h block.
And for good reason because the 2h weapon itself gives +50 flat damage compared to a shield that gives 2k effectiveness. <- an alternative to this surely wouldnt hurt the variety ingame

This pally instead looks like it has 99% stuff put into tanking -> Do you guys want to nerf builds that use a shield to deal 2k dps and have 99% pts spent into tank? (even the main skill vengeance doesnt have full pts into damage D:)
If this happens we go back to 2h dodge glasscannon manual kite stuff like in the previous patch, >as the only viable build<

But also if we look at the shield and 1h weapon, we go back to the unique weapon argument, im pretty sure you cant achieve good results with this 99% tank spec and WITHOUT that unique axe

For this i am not so sure about unique weapons:
I saw the smelter wrath build using the dedicated 2H mace,
plaguebearer for dots,
1h VK has the bis sword for void dmg,
minion FG/pally uses bones of arek that is bis,
this pally and any other 1h pally/FG is probably BIS with the 1h axe
1h ignite has the ignite sword,

Basically you craft only if there is no unique version or you didnt drop it yet, which i dont find appealing (especially if you are a newbro just started into the game)

Nope, its about 50%. Block effectiveness has extreme scaling at low block effectiveness levels.

If they’re hugely outperforming alternative options, yep!

This is overreacting. I’m not asking EHG to kill block or tank builds in general. As you have probably seen from our multiple discussions on the subject, I really like tank builds and I like pushing them to their max. But after pushing this one, I’m firmly convinced that 100% block chance is too much.

You can achieve the same results, stuff just dies slower (results being that it’s unkillable in mono and can push 300+ arena waves). This is also a build specific problem, not a global problem. Only a few builds want this unique as BiS.

You seem to be cherry picking builds that use unique weapons as BiS. Most of my builds don’t use unique weapons. FoE’s currently #1 500 wave build doesn’t use a unique. Lizard’s Turbo Vengeance build uses a crafted Titan Blade. Having some builds use a unique as BiS and others that don’t is healthy and diverse game design.

viable for 0.8D?

Yep there shouldn’t be any changes

I’d try this one:

Cant personally compare it to the Super Tank (didnt build the ST, sorry @McFluffin ) but the Regifter is seriously good and dual wielding… Just facetanked Emperor of Corposes and I didnt have Boardmans ideal setup and dont have maxed passives yet. So if you have the uniques, give it a go.

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