The sanctum

So the Sanctum is now a one shot Hardcore mode if you lose to the boss? I just got booted out after missing a dodge and dying and lost the key and the dungeon.

I love the game but the amount of bugs and latency appearing each day is become a bit crazy.,

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what do you mean now? it was like that, anytime you die in this game to a boss you have to restart but yes lag can make this boss harsh

Cries in 20 lost keys in soul fire bastion due to rubberbanding. So much anger and hate.

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Restart the fight yes but not kicked from the dungeon and have to waste another key to try each time if you fail? Nah that’s not right.

ya you lose the key everytime you die in a dungeon, yes it makes it harder to learn boss fights but thats what it is.

As far as DCing, it used to happen everytime but the last hotfix is supposed to prevent that but still sometimes happens.

I had this happen 20 times past 3 days so i can assure you its not fixed. I been killed by mechanics 5s before they even spawn on my screen as you can see in my vods. I straight up beej rubberbanded back into hits 20m away from where i am

I made a post about Julra few days back here regarding lag, i don’t doubt you.

and the DC bug was fixed a day ago with the patch so its possible u havent attempted her since then but can assure the DC after death is 90% less likely now (i havent DCed a single time on any boss after failing since the patch)

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