Julra - Bug or Mechanic?

Hey, so trying to kill Julra T4, and I noticed 1 thing, because of which I died multiple times, after half health, she starting to cast her skills without animation. Once I was oneshoted with Catastrophic Implosion on 2% boss HP, but also I saw her doing her small lightning AOE without any telegraphs, and void beams spawning much faster. Is this expected mechanic that after 50% health she is skipping some animations, or is a bug?

This boss fight is designed extremely bad for lag. I’ve made over 40+ T4 Julra slams and I’ve died 10+ times to lag. The different lag related stuff I’ve encountered.

  1. She casts her big AOE, can’t see the room turn blue…few seconds later you simply die.
  2. She casts her big AOE, you see the room turn blue but pressing D doesnt shift you, so you press D again…few seconds later the lag catches up now you’ve shifted twice in a row thus back into her cast and you die.
  3. You successfully shift out but you lag so bad the degen ground you drop doesnt happen, few seconds later you die to degen cuz you are standing in it when lag catches up.
  4. You can’t see where you dropped your degen ground cuz the fight lagged/bugged you die.

My only suggestion is to either play a build that kills her really fast (my build can kill her in 1 cycle but i’ve still encountered all those bugs) or play the game and hope you don’t lag during the fight.

PS: I died 3 times in a row to lag last Sunday lol, it was frustrating but ya with a lot ppl playing on the server, its not a fun fight.