The Release of Patch 0.7.4 and What's Coming Next

The Release of Patch 0.7.4

We approached Patch 0.7.4 with a desire to reveal less ahead of time than normal - and we really enjoyed watching the community discover Last Epoch’s first guaranteed unique item drop, figure out Time Rifts, and get a first look at most of the new specialization trees.

We think withholding some information contributed to the patch being more exciting than it otherwise would have been. We’ll continue to refine our pre-patch messaging, and we’d love to hear what you think: want to know everything in advance, or find things organically?

Patch 0.7.4 in Pictures

Below are a few screenshots of me playing Last Epoch since we released Patch 0.7.4. Not only do these show off some of the newly implemented areas and creatures, but they also provide a rare opportunity to see some of the highly optimized builds used by EHG staff!


The screenshots include the new Summon Raptor skill for Beastmasters, some visual updates for the End of Time town hub, the new Primeval Dragon boss, and the recently optimized Meteor. The screenshots featuring the raptor and dragon were taken in the Ancient Era.

Ladder Rankings Webpage

Alongside the deployment of Patch 0.7.4, we added a ladder to our website! In addition to the information shown on our in-game ladder, this page shows each character’s skills.

Currently, it is possible to sort ladder entries by character level and highest Arena wave. Work on adding support for Monolith of Fate progression is at an advanced stage, and once this has been implemented we will be making it possible to sort by Monolith progress.

The ladder can display either entries from everyone or only those playing a single class - so if you want to play a different class and you’re looking for build ideas, you can look at which builds the community have been using for that class to get some inspiration.

We’d like to thank those of you who brought various ladder issues to our attention. Most of these have been resolved, and the rest will be corrected with the release of Patch 0.7.5.

Patch 0.7.4 Overview by Idodmg

Want to hear more about Patch 0.7.4? Our content patches are often covered by YouTubers, and going forward we plan to help the community find these videos more easily. Starting off with Patch 0.7.4, here’s a video by YouTuber Idodmg covering the update;

Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel so you don’t miss any of his videos!

More Coming Soon™

Our next content patch will be the upcoming Patch 0.7.5. We plan for this update to include content listed under both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our Early Access Forecast. Additionally, you can expect more Quality of Life improvements than usual in this patch.

In Patch 0.7.4 we performed a mild rework of some of the low-level campaign content, we added Time Rifts, and we included some visual updates for relatively low-level zones. We recognize that early game content is currently too easy, however we are not yet ready to confirm whether adjustments to its difficulty will be ready in time for Patch 0.7.5.

(Yes, this is basically a Patch Preview preview.)


I have been enjoying my playthrough of 0.7.4. Only thing that still bothers me slightly is the orientation of some entrance/exit connection that feels disorientating and not natural.

Otherwise, very much looking forward to 0.7.5 :slight_smile:

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Test one two test

Will the final game have even more enhanced graphics and animations?


I think this is something they will be working on and improving forever. They have POE2/D4 to contend with afterall which are showing some insane graphics/animations even in their early builds. Last Epoch has improved a lot over the last few months too.


so they’re increasing difficulty RIP my enjoyment lol. The time i’ve spent playing this game were very enjoyable, but i already struggle with the campaign so I probably literally won’t be able to play the game.

Well. My advice is don’t give up and instead take time to upgrade your gear and don’t be afraid to use crafting materials while leveling. I’m sure with the knowledge you already acquired you’ll be fine. It totally made a difference for me.

I made a character lvl 24. I struggled hard, i thought i was stuck for good so I made another character, with which i struggled again around the same level.
And then i started gettin’ interested in crafting. As soon as i improved my gear, i rolled over the campaign without ANY resistance from the monsters. I crafted mostly INT / Resist / Health regen - Health.

I still don’t really know what i’m doing build wise, but the game is actually not that difficult if a non planned build can do well. It’s just not forgiving if you don’t adapt.

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