The Quality of Chinese Localization Is Unacceptable

Maybe they should let us know which company did the translation so we don’t end up hiring them in the future.

When I first heard about the bad Chinese localization, I thought people were just being whinny babies, so I tried the Chinese version. GOD. I am sorry for doubting. The complaint is 100% legit.

I really hope EHG didn’t pay big bucks for this kind of service.


I should probably put it in a better way so it’s easier to understand:

Rune Invocation is translated as “Rune Summon”
In this skill passive, there are part referring this skill as “Invocation” and “Invocations”

Both Translated as such:
Invocation - summon
Invocations - summoning skill

The skill mostly use runes instead of summoning runes itself.

Now move on to a class that has actual summon, Primalist.

Summon Thorn Totme from Primalist is translated as “Summon Thorn Totem”
It has tag the summon tag translated as “Follower/Servant”

While in an isolation Follower and servant is a good enough substitute for the word minions,
however, in a totem example, it is not a follower nor a servant and makes the translation odd.

I hope this clears up why I believe the choice of “Follower/Servant” as a translation for “summon” is a bad example


Contracted without checking like you said or they could have used AI.

It would be sad if they paid anything for it, since every gaming community I’ve seen has been willing to do this kind of thing for free.


Yep, that’s the surprising part. Many, many people on these forums have offered help for many different languages throughout the years… :thinking:

Coupled with other discussions about news being shared through big events and YouTube but NOT the forums, it feels like the days of EHG as a friendly, community-focussed company are over. Getting close to 1.0, with a big team and budget, we are switching to full corporate mindset.

At least that’s what it feels like.
Oh well, doesn’t impact the quality of the game (except the translations apparently), so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


hope there will be some update