The Quality of Chinese Localization Is Unacceptable

It’s a shame the French translation, it’s nonsense. Translation made without any reflection or correction. Asking the community to do this translation would be a thousand times better than a literal translation made by a robot. Because if there is a human behind it it is because he has never spoken French in his life. Really disappointed with EHG. It’s getting worse and worse with every pach. Sorry I’m angry about so many amateurists.

Yeah, I don’t understand why they didn’t use any pre-existing community translations, I was just trying to think up a scenario where this might happen. :person_shrugging:


Sounds like the company they paid to do the translations is gonna get a talking to… From glancing through this post its more than just the Chinese translation that is bad - French & Russian too.

Even though they didnt do the translations themselves it looks like whomever they did get to do it, isnt actually very good at their jobs.

Oh dear… this is one of those very emotive things that they obviously didnt attribute enough importance to.



German localisation is definitely not as bad as some of the other languages judging by the responses.

There are definitely a lot of improvements to be made but it’s acceptable and totally playable.

And compared to some other games the current German localisation is really good already.

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Tell me, which one is Online Mode, which one is Offline Mode? LOL

Some Korean words in Chinese version

The font are also quite terrible, especially when the background is white and resolution is low.

Somewhere in India, an outsourcing company is about to not have its contract renewed.

Honestly though, this kind of laziness is what I have constantly seen when projects are outsourced. Most of the development we had done at my previous company came back to us as Google’d cut-n-paste work. :\


Lets be real, EHG got scammed by a contractor, or they think it was a great idea to automate translations though google translate or something similar, I’m inclined to the first one though.

In ARPGs good wording and consistency in paramount.

I’m baffled some individuals have issues at people pointing out horrible translations, probably English native speakers, I would love to see their reactions if English was a horrible translation instead of the base language. That’s just defending the game and the company for the sake of defending it. Quite pointless if you ask me.


I’m actually surprised there’s not a company out there who specializes in this exact thing. It seems like there would be a steady stream of work, since new games are being released all the time. Just hire bilingual gamers, and have them translate the games while playing them. Hell, make it a dual role of translator and alpha tester. :wink:

Looking at some of the comments about the mistakes made and how simple they would have been for a proper translator to do properly, I am wondering how much of this was actually translated by a human being vs someone just plugging in words into ChatGPT.

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I would try that mode. :smiley:

“Käferbeschreibung” when reporting a bug was a funny one. Had to report the report tool :slight_smile:
“Eingabe von Monolith des Schicksals” was another I reported.
But you are right: German translation is pretty good for the most part imo.

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Yeah I agree that there are some specifics that are definitely “Google translator” level of translation.
These are the ones where I seriously have to ask, if the company who did the translation had the context of a video game.

EHG did say they had that context, but that makes me believe that this is the kind of translation company might not be the right fit for a video game like that.

But to all fairness there are also a few translations that are really good, where things were actually translated by context and meaning and not word for word

Edit: The one that I disliked the most is “Ausdauer” and “Ausdauergrenze” for Endurance and Endurance Threshold.
“Ausdauer” sounds more like there is some type of stamina/dodge system.
And “Grenze” is a bad choice for a Threshold, because it sounds more a like a cap.
I suggested “Schwelle”

And for “Ausdauer” I instead suggested “Standhaftigkeit”

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The common quality issue with outsourcing translation is that game producers cannot know whether localization is correct until it is truly handed over to players.

Now that the patch has been officially launched, fix it as soon as receive feedback.


These companies exist but they make mistakes too.

When I open some Windows server in my native language after long time working in english version then I have to sometimes check some settings in english version because it doesn´t make sense in my language version or I can´t find them even with muscle memory.

Official subtitles are also sometime hillarious in movies when they only translate text without scene/theme context. Community subtitles are more correct and poslished most of time.

@P3H4 @Neosis
I can’t play for now but I was curious, how did the translate “increased damage” and “more damage” in French?

I don’t know how much it helped them, but a small game called TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children had an opt-in feature that would add a small transparent button called “Suggest Translation”. You then type in something, and pray to God someone is being paid to sort it all out.

Warning: this game does NOT have a good translation, but I cannot help but consider the potential value of moving translation efforts partially inside the game, just in the same way there is now a bug report in game.


A long time ago, around 2005, a friend of mine and I were hired to do a translation for a Taiwanese game, Seal of Evil. Well, a ‘sort of’ translation. The company had their employees do a Mandarin to English translation. We were given THAT translation.

While it was clear the employees who did the original translation ‘understood’ English, they did not know how to convey meaning and nuance that’s ‘different’ across the two cultures. My friend lived in Taiwan and speaks fluent Mandarin and his wife is native Taiwanese. The strange quirks in the translation ranged from simple to bizarre to out right hilarious. We were constantly having to go back to the original game, read the original text. Sometimes we even had to ask his wife how the original ended up in the translation they gave us. She found it amusing as well.

This situation could very well be similar. I don’t know. But, yes, it’s always good to get the native speakers involved in any type of translation.


85% increased cold damage” = “85% augmenté dégâts de froid” (lol)

For “more damage”, it depends.
For one affix of Apogee of frozen light :
Minions deal 17% more cold and necrotic damage to chilled enemies
it becomes : “Les invocations infligent 17% de dégâts supplémentaires de froid et de nécrose aux ennemis victimes d’engourdissement.” (which caaaaan be fine if we ignore the fact that “invocations” is also used for the new runemaster spells, in french as in english)

But for most skill nodes, like Ice Nova (from Elemental Nova skill tree), it’s better :
Enables Ice Nova, which has a freeze rare of 40. Elemental Nova hits deal more (multiplicative with other modifiers) damage.” becomes “Active Nova de Glace, qui possède un taux de Gel de 40. Nova élémentaire inflige plus de dégâts (multiplicatif avec d’autres modificateurs)” (which is fine… except the fact that it don’t talks about “hits” where Fire Nova node does, calling it “à l’impact”).
So tldr, “more damage” is sometimes “plus de dégâts” and sometimes “dégâts supplémentaires”, both works but it’s inconsistent.

Also, one thing that made me laugh out loud : the word Cooldown, which is an important keyword in any ARPG, is translated by “Refroidir” (Cooling Down). LOL !

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I don’t understand French, but from the English you said and what I saw in the Chinese Locale, it surely looks like those are just direct translation under the same word.

We have exactly the same problem with more, minions, Invocation and Invocations are translated separately while both means “minions”.

The word minions is, however, translated to follower or servant.

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Both of which are probably reasonable (as a native English speaker).

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