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The Lazy Bear is back (Druid Pet Build) 0.8D

Now lazier than ever… :sleeping:

This is a Druid pet build that focuses on survivability.

NOTE : This is more suited for people who have wrist pain or just dont like to click/push buttons or manually move away from danger. Or maybe for those that like to watch tv, listen to music, eat food etc all while playing. Therefore its not a super fast killer, but it gets the job done safely

Its capable of all content, with easy to get gear, and all you need to do is cast Roar when surrounded by mobs to apply Frailty/add armor and give minions Frenzy (a Scepter with inherent -3 spell cost is preferred to lower Roar cost)

Gearplanner :


Hey, thanks for the build. Can you give some leveling tips?:slight_smile:

Your welcome, heres some tips :

-first thing to level is wolves (keep them on autocast), spec left in the tree- through the cold dmg skills- til you get the +1 wolf node, rest in bleed
-next is the thorn totem, go for the added thorns and then bottom left til you reach the reduced armor node
-then go Sabertooth, take the cold nodes till you get the ice saber, rest in bleed

When you get the Druid mastery you can either switch the thorn totem skill out with the bear form and put points in the pet nodes, or you can wait till lvl 34 and then use the next free skill slot for the bear form, and change thorn totem to scorpion pet, which is what i usually do.
-At this point you might also wanna change the Saberttoh pet to Bear pet

As for Gear :
-Gamble for Aborreas Curcuit as soon as you have a few thousand gold (will keep your pets alive all through story mode), and after that gamble for The Claw amulet
-try get an axe with minion dmg and physical minion dmg (axe will benefit some extra adaptive spell dmg for totems from a passive node) and a shield
-later (when youre not using totem anymore) try to get a sceptre for all three minion dmg mods
-rest of the gear should be focused on resistances and minion dmg/health

Passives :
Primalist : go for minion health/dmg in left lane, and in second lane go for the adaptive totem spell node
BM : 8/savagery 7/ursine strength 8/the chase
Shaman : Take the bottom left penetration node
Druid : Rest of the points in here as shown in the video

This is just a rough guide and you will need to respec/reskill a bit later (not that much so it shouldnt be a problem), but this should hopefully get you through story, and a bit into the monos.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Np, also i forgot to say that if you have acces to the body armour “Doublet of Onos Tull”, use that as its a big boost for you minions (cant be gambled tho)

yes, I already have this armor and even two Arboreal Circuits, they help a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve only been playing LE a short while and have mostly been playing around with the different classes. I’d been thinking about something to do with a primalist and ran across your Lazy Bear build. The bear’s lazy, I’m lazy, so why not. Besides, I already had The Doublet of Onos Tull and The Claw so it seemed to be a good start. I gambled for Arboreal Circuit and I was off to the races.

I’ve got him to level 44 over the weekend. It’s been a hoot so far. I really like that you don’t need specific hard-to-find gear/items or anything. I’m looking forward to begin speccing the spriggan at 49. Thanks for this. This is a blast to play. Just what my lazy self needed.

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Hehe, good to hear you like it, ye i like to play him too when im in lazy mode…just running around scooping up gold and gear after pets have done the dirty work is kinda satisfying.
Just dont forget to feed them pets once in a while or they will start being lazy too :laughing:

I really like easy builds with minimal gear needed.
I’ll give it a try. Level 30 now. Seems fun :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard the Lazy Train :steam_locomotive:

Got my lazy guy up to level 61. I had about a half dozen arena keys so I decided to take my first foray into the arena. To be honest, I got bored after about 20 or 25 waves resting comfortably watching my non-lazy pets obliterate everything. I know it gets harder but my I got pretty tired of it quickly. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m more awake and alert, and try to push it as far as I can. But it’s pretty boring when you’re a lazy bear.

I can only agree it aint that fun in arena, but imo pure pet builds usually arent, hybrids are better for that.
I tryed it once in arena and got to around 150, but cant be bothered to try that again. This build is better suited for grinding gold/gear while eating and watching movies :laughing:

Great build but there is one thing that bothers me. Summon Scorpion requiers 30 points in beastmaster and planner only shows 25 points invested, Could you elaborate on that?

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The newest patch has made the scorpion BM only, so this build really aint much worth anymore as the scorpion was the main damage dealer.

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Sad face :frowning:

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Ye, however if youre looking for a simple Pet build you may wanna look at this : The Tree Stooges (BM, Druid, Shaman Spriggan Builds 0.8.1C)
(they only requires to cast vines and occasionally a root wall, with the BM being the “tankiest” of them)

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