The game is unplayable for me since 0.9.0. Constant crashes!

I have over 300 hours in this game between versions 0.8.3 and 0.8.5. I can’t remember if I had a single crash during that period. The game has been butter smooth for me. Since 0.9.0 it is literally unplayable. It keeps crashing and I can’t even get it to actual gameplay. It crashes either immediately after starting the game during the load screen or in the menu seconds after. From time to time if I get lucky i can get to choosing a char, clicking play and then crash again.
Now in 0.9.1 it is the same.
I tried everything I managed to find online to fix it. The gpu drivers are up to date, the game’s files are verified. My Win 10 has the latest updates. I’m not using overlays, nothing is overclocked, etc…
The error I get disappears within one 5th of a second, I can’t get a good look of it, but I think it says Last Epoch Unity …something…

Could you provide your player.log and player-prev.log file ? It will be easier to help.

Player.log (77.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (44.4 KB)

The log shows our of memory error just before the crash

Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!
Trying to allocate: 16771288B with 16 alignment. MemoryLabel: DynamicArray
Allocation happened at: Line:78 in 
Memory overview

You can try to set the game quality to medium at 1080p with locked 60 fps. Another thing might be the page file, as the like to use it no mader how much RAM do you have.

Check if you have this set to automatic. You can always set it to proper values. There’s a guide how to do it here: Adjust Page File Windows 10 (How to Set the Right Size)

My paging file size is set to the recommended by the system size at near 3 gb.
And I have 16 GB RAM which I believe should be more then enough to at least run the game.

I have also 16GB of ram and LE was crashing while switching zones. I’ve set the custom values and the game is now stable. You can check if this will solve it. Select “Custom” and then:

Minimal: 24576
Maximum: 49152

Restart PC and check if game still crashes.

I did and was able to get into actual game play, then opened the menu to change the graphics to medium and I lost sound, after trying to quit the game it froze. It became so unresponsive I had to manually turn off the PC. It turns out I lost sound not only in LE but the whole PC so I had to install the audio drivers to get my sound back. so I think I’m done.
Even if what you suggested did fix my issue, it would still be ridiculous that this game requires more then 16GB just so it can run without crashing. Not only compered to other games in 2023 but also given the fact a year ago I was playing this same game with this same PC on maximum settings with 45-50fps.
Nevermind, sorry for wasting your time, I’m not dealing with this technical mess of a game anymore.