The game freezes constantly

First of all my specs:

i5-6500 3,2Gh
16gb ddr4

Every 30 - 90 seconds my games freeze 2 o 3 seconds and its umplayable for me.
I play in medion, V-sync off and i try to put high priority in the process. It all started with the last patch

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Hi… Welcome to the forums…

Usual things to try:

  1. Verify the game files if you are using Steam
  2. Make sure to use a GPU driver form the last 2-3 months
  3. Make sure your OS is updated and there are no patching failures.
  4. Dont run any other applications while testing LE… this includes things like graphics overlays (steam included) and other things - just to see if they are affecting the game.

More help will need more info from you…

Please can you post your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini file and the output of your dxdiag report…

I have the same problem. The game has freezes normally when I hover over items and skills le_graphicsmanager.ini (481 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (117.8 KB)
Player.log (51.8 KB)

I have already turned off all the overlays. I also tested with fps locked at 60 and graphics on low.My video card driver is up to date and so is my windows. The file checks have also been done

+1 also having this issue specs below
i7-7700K 4.2GHz
GTX 1080
16GB 3600mhz DDR4

Tried Windows and all driver updates and lowering all settings and capping at 60fps as well


I cannot see anything specific in the player.log that indicates what might be happening… I am not a unity developer but your log is not showing anything different to other logs I have seen or my own…

Your dxdiag is showing that LastEpoch is returning an AppHang error which explains why there are no error reports or detailed crash info in the player.log… You dont have anything I would consider as a serious error - some memory management errors (safe to ignore) and some Windows store updating issues - again, usually safe to ignore unless its trying to update something critical…

The only thing I could see was that your Xonar card is using an old driver - there is a win 10 driver from 2016 that should be WHQL approved… I doubt this is doing anything that is causing the freezing but its probalby worth updating anyway…

From my experience, usually the freezes occur when the in-game settings are too high or there is some driver issue but as you have already tested this AND there doesnt seem to be any underlying issue on your machine, I cannot say what might be causing this…

Are you running anything else on your system at the same time? Something that could periodically be using system resources?

Can you monitor your CPU & GPU (usage/clock speeds/thermals etc) while playing and see if there is anything noticeable when the freeze happens?

Can you post your player.log,le_graphicsmanger.ini and dxdiag output?

Sometimes the same result is caused by different things so its hard to say if you are experiencing the exact issue that the OP is… His hardware is very different (and faster) that yours for one.,…

I will do some more testing and monitor the resource usage behavior. I’ll let you know the results here.

About my sound card (Xonar), I will play without it to test because the most current driver is what is installed.


Also… be sure to see what else is running on your system - there are various third party apps that mess with the Unity Game engine (even seemingly irrelevant things like Teamviewer) so its best to tick anything you are using off the list of possible causes…

I found Xonar U7-4.14(W10-PR) Version 4.14 2016/07/13 52.04 MBytes @

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