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The game crashes when I’m in the middle of a map by some monolith

The game crashes after a while in a monolith map. I tried setting the .exe file to high priority, but the result is the same. After playing for a while, at one point the screen just freezes, stays like that for a few seconds, and a window appears with the game logo, red startling and with information that the game has crashed. And that’s it.error.log (56.0 KB)


Please can you include the following files:

  • player.log - games debug file
  • player-prev.log - older debug file
  • le_graphicsmanager.ini - settings
  • and the output of a dxdiag report - system / driver info

See Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

The error.log doesnt show too much information without the other files… From what I can see it could be the Logitech RGB LED setting that might be causing a problem but it could be any one of numerous other errors too… I cannot tell without the other files/info.

Hi, here all files you are asking for

le_graphicsmanager.ini (459 Bytes)
Player.log (29.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (77.2 KB)
DxDiag.txt (121.6 KB)

I’ll deinstall Logitech keyboard software, I don’t need it anymore, I’m using another keyboard.

A quick look doesnt show the known logitech issue but be sure to disable the RGB setting in-game - its important to disable this if you dont use it…

still looking through the rest of the files…

Ok, G-hub is no longer on My PC. Thank you in advance for your time


Looking through your logs… I am not seeing anything obvious that could indicate what is going on specifically…

Your setup isnt getting the usual performance related issues that could explain a crash and the game is not logging the usual performance related errors that usually show its struggling.

The game log doesnt show anything (that I can recognise anyway) that would explain your experience. There is a crash in the prev log but it just happens without any warning - i.e. the preceeding debug messages are all normal and then it just logs a crash on Last Epoch.exe

Question: Are you using the Steam version or the standalone launcher? the two logs you provide show that the one is generated via the steam version (player-prev.log) and the player.log is showing the standalone version… This is a bit odd… because the one has the crashes and the other doesnt - so its important to understand what version of the game you are actually using.

Your dxdiag report shows your Windows 11 is up to date generally and the GPU driver is recent (I am assuming it was installed using a CLEAN installation process) and you are using two monitors. All seems fine.

You are using a HP webcam and DroidCam to use your phone as a webcam… Normally I wouldnt be concerned about this, but Unity - the game engine that LE uses - is known to have some issues with other active applications… I would recommend that you temporarily disable the DroidCam software/app while testing LE… just to see if its involved in any way… As this is not an application I have seen anyone else use with LE, its important to make sure its not involved by temporarily disabling it.

The dxdiag diagnostic section is showing that Last Epoch has crashed about 5 times recently… It unforuntately doesnt provide much more information other than confirming the games own debug log and that its crashing the Unityplayer.dll (the underlying Unity Game Engine).

The very next 2 errors after the Last Epoch ones is a Livekernel 144 error related specifically to something wrong with your USB subsystem - e.g. usb drivers, any device connected via USB or something else related to USB on your system. Livekernel events are not something to be ignored so I would make 100% sure that whatever caused this event is traced and corrected… I cannot say if this may be what is causing issues with LE, but from experience its not the kind of error you want on your system and I have no idea what else it may affect/or have affected. It could simply be unplugging a failed usb device or replacing a USB driver for your motherboard… or it could be something more serious.

After the Livekernel event, there is a dwm.exe event - this is the Desktop Window Manager - it shouldnt ever crash if your system is running fine. It handles all the hardware accelleration and multi-monitor support on your system so if there is anything wrong with it, it could definitely affect gaming. This is a very hard to trace kind of error unfortunately… It could be anything from corrupted windows files to bad GPU drivers… I would recommend running Using System File Checker in Windows and I would also recommend considering reinstalling your GPU driver using a CLEAN driver install (or something like DDU) to make sure that its correctly removed older drivers and replaced them.

Based on not finding a specific error related to LE I cannot offer a silver bullet to your problem - I would recommend the following:

  1. Verify the game files - if you are using Steam OR reinstall the game if you are using the Standalone version.

  2. Double check that your windows 11 is up to date and that all optional but relevant drivers etc are installed.

  3. Make sure that your hardware doesnt have updated drivers - this includes your motherboard etc… This is very important wrt Windows 11. There may be a motherboard USB driver that fixes your Livekernel event issue or some other update that is critical for your system

  4. Do a clean GPU driver installation - usually you can check the clean driver option on the install, but sometimes you need to use things like DDU to make sure… I am not sure how prevelant it is on Win11, but on Win10 doing upgrade installs for gpu drivers doesnt always work properly or remove older unused files that could cause problems.

  5. Do not run anything else while testing LE - temporarily disable any unneccessary apps/services to see if any of them have any impact on LE… There are plenty of known apps that cause intermittent problems with the Unity Game engine so the only way to be sure, is to not have them running while playing… This includes things like Steam Overlays (LE doesnt use it anyway).

  6. Monitor your system while playing - e.g. have task manager up on the other screen and see what your system is doing when LE experiences a crash… is there any other process that spikes usage - does the CPU/GPU/memory ulitlisation max out? While playing, do the CPU.GPU temps remain in acceptable ranges?

  7. Check your Event View or View Reliability History to see what Windows is reporting - there may be some totally unrelated thing happening that occurs but also crashes LE… Could be anything… maybe like a power delivery issue or a windows update that is struggling to run in background…

Maybe something above will explain the issue or maybe spark another troubleshooting suggestion…

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Hello and thanks for trying to track down the issue. I use GeForce Experience to update the GPU drivers. I’m using the steam version of the game, I just found out today that there is a non-steam version. I’m using 2 monitors, yes. I always monitor the temperatures of my components. The driver for using the Android phone is only installed, but not used. The temperature of the GPU does not exceed 83 degrees at full load, for the 1660 Ti I use is a perfectly acceptable temperature. I don’t notice any spikes, USB issues which are noticed by your keyboard I’m using - A-jaaz AK33 as the official drivers for it don’t work properly using the fancy ones. The motherboard, as well as the other hardware, has the latest version of the firmware. Ultimately, if that doesn’t work, I’ll reinstall Windows


Hate Geforce Experience. No, loathe it… arggh…

Your GPU shouldnt be getting to 83 degrees on Low settings 60-fps, 1080p…
Its technically within spec, but it seems really high for the settings… unless your fans are set to quiet mode on purpose? Is your GPU maxing out at all - again, it shouldnt do more than spike to 100% for a few seconds on those settings. If it is, then there is something odd…

DroidCam ok… had to check. Unity can be VERY temperamental with other apps…

USB ok… so long as you know the cause.

Reinstall windows - I have seem people with dwm issues revert to a previous restore point and have some success… might want to try that if you have one.

I was also worried about those GPU degrees, I checked many forums about the allowable values ​​of the card. The series is warmer, it said everywhere that these values ​​​​are normal and I should not worry about them. I’ll do a clean install of her drivers as soon as the Windows check is done. I uninstalled the Steam version of the game, now I’m downloading the standalone version.
After Windows verification check: Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at
windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline
repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag.
We’ll see how will be game expirience now.


Windows check never explains entirely what it fixed but if it found something and fixed it then thats a good sign…

Temp… honestly its the fact that its getting so hot at your settings thats worrying me… What temp would it run at if you really stressed it? Maybe run some synthetic benchmarks and see what your GPU does under load… LE can seriously stress out GPUs but not usually at the settings you are using… and even then the fans should be keeping it cooler?

Fans x2, on auto mode, they increase their speed under load. In all the benchmark and burn tests I did, the temperature did not reach more than 87 degrees Celsius under extreme load.

That makes more sense - 87 under extreme conditions… Really dont understand how its 83 on low in LE unless those cards just run hot and have a small operating temperature window/zone.

Ok, well that should mean the GPU is probably ok… and the benchmark should have drawn more than enough power to test power delivery…

doesnt help pinpoint whats causing the problem, but at least is ticks something off…

83 under the load of heavy games, there was a misunderstanding. Separately, I usually play the game on very high settings, I turned it down to test if the crash will appear again. Below LE the max temperature is about 74-80 now (on big fights -83).

Ok… Temp cleared up.

While testing this particular issue of crashing in maps, i would keep it on Low till you are sure its not happening anymore, then consider upping the settings again…

My reason for this is that the game is likely to exhibit a lot of odd things if you run it on higher settings - your 1660 Ti should handle Medium relatively ok at 60fps limits but higher could be a problem. The issues I am talking about are more related to the state of the game right now - which is why in my initial reply, I doubted that the known performance /stability issues would apply if you were playing at Low. There are plenty of people with your level of hardware that have complained about crashes similar to you but they were trying to play on Ultra.

Its just a variable that is best left out of the mix right now… If the problem seems like its gone due to one of the other fixes, then up the game to higher settings and see… but if its still messing around on Low settings then making the settings higher will just make it worse…

I tested 3 plays on very high settings. Temperatures were at a maximum of 83 degrees, but I didn’t see any more crashes. I will lower the settings to medium to achieve a balance between quality and smooth gameplay. Thank you very much for your time, and I apologize for the inaccurate temps that I didn’t specify were at certain settings and heavy games.

Thats fine… Until 0.9 drops, just remember that higher settings = less performance and higher instability… Its just because of the game state… 0.9 is the first patch that the devs have committed to performance improvements so until then its best to be conservative…

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