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The game crashes when I choose a character

Reinstalled windows 10, installed and updated all drivers. When I started running the game, I choose my character and the game crashes immediately. Tell me how to solve the problem.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

There are lots of possibilities here…

Please can you post the following:

  1. Player.log - Game debug file
  2. le_graphicsmanager.ini - game settings file
  3. out from dxdiag report - snapshot of your system hardware/drivers etc

( Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub)

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Installed the latest directx. Maybe some other game libraries are needed?
I will be able to provide logs only later in the evening, at work now.

There are no additional libraries needed for LE to work. A default patched windows 10 installation with latest GPU drivers is all you need.

Unlike previous versions, DirectX is integrated into and is part of Windows 10. It doesnt need anything but running Windows Updates to keep DirectX updated and you cannot manually reinstall/update DirectX in Win10. The only caveat to this is if you are using software that needs really old DirectX files that are no longer available on the OS… LE does not.

The logs will hopefully point to what the issue could be… right now it could be anything from performance related settings, corrupted savegames (if you are using old ones), corrupted game files, conflicting third party apps, driver issues… there are far too many possibilities to provide any useful help for right now.

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I provide the necessary logs.
DxDiag.txt (91.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (484 Bytes)
Player.log (46.1 KB)


According to the player.log your system is running out of memory when its trying to load up the map - usually this error also shows texture loading problems but your log is not showing those at all… it is referring to some TempOverflow which is not the normal kind of memory issue I have seen in the logs before… Usually however, this error is GPU memory related (unless you are using a lot of your mormal systme memory for other apps that you are trying to run at the same time).

The log is also recording that its crashing on the UnityPlayer.dll - this is the Game engine that LE uses… These kinds of crashes usually mean that there could be a problem with the install - like a game file is corrupted.

Your dxdiag file is showing that your OS & drivers seem ok… The diagnostic section (at the end of the file) shows some problems:

  • The lastepoch errors are there - confirming the Unityplayer.dll crashing… Thats expected

  • You have errors with dwm.exe - this is the Desktop Windows Manager - and it handles a lot of the graphical interface, monitor support, high res effects on windows, offloading tasks to the GPU, alt tabbing etc… Its not good that you are getting this error - especially on a new Windows installation.

  • You are having errors with wmiprvse.exe - Windows Management Instrumentation Provider that is used by other applications to access windows state and other data. This shouldnt be crashing - especially not on a newly installed machine. Unfortunately its difficult to say exactly why its crashing just from the dxdiag log…

  • You are also having issue with your BigNox virtualisation - you may want to check that this is correctly installed, patched and your system is configured to run virtualisation properly (e.g. BIOS CPU settings etc).

Based on the information above I suggest the following:

  1. Verify the game files via Steam - this will make sure the game is correctly installed and there are no corrupted files.

  2. After login, but before chosing a character, go into the settings and set your graphics to VERY LOW with all special features (shadows, grass etc) DISABLED or on the lowest setting. These settings are the lowest and cause the least amount of performance problems in game and are great to use if you are having problems. I use a 1060 3Gb and these are the settings I use for best stability/performance. If, after doing the other recommended things, the game is fine, then you can try increasing the quality a little but for now leave it on this setting.

  3. With the dwm.exe & Wmiprvse.exe errors, I recommend that you use Microsoft System File Checker to make sure that you dont have a corrupted Windows 10 Install. Normally this kind of thing does nothing, but with your errors you may as well try.

  4. “View Reliability History” on your system and check if Windows is not reporting some other issue that you need to resolve - i.e. maybe there is some other issue that is not logged in the dxdiag report that also needs to be checked and fixed… A new installation should have NO errors at all unless there is a problem - it may be something serious like bad hardware or it could be something simple like a missing driver causing these issues.

  5. While testing LE… DO NOT run ANY other applications - doesnt matter how irrelevant you might think they are - just temporarily DO NOT run anything except Steam & LE… just as a test.

  6. Disable any third party applications that have anything to do wtih graphical overlays etc… This includes Steam overlay (LE doesnt use it anyway).

  7. With a new clean installation, it is probably not neccessary, but usually when people are having UnityPlayer errors, I recommend people do a safe mode clean GPU driver installation (or use something like DDU) to make sure the GPU driver is correctly installed and not messed up…

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  1. Enabled the VT-D parameter in the bios.
  2. In the game, I set all graphics settings to the lowest. It turned out to enter the game as a character.
  3. But the strangest moment is that when the google chrome browser is running, the game immediately crashes when choosing a character. But as soon as I close it, I start the game and I can enter as a character.
    For some reason, the game does not like the Google browser)))
    Went from the starting location to the next screen and the game crash. A full reboot to get to the desktop.

Please post the new Player.log - if you get farther in the game, and then crash, it will have more information that will be useful.

If the game crashes with Chrome running then you have something else wrong on your system.

Question: Did you do ALL the suggested steps 1-7?

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I downloaded a fresh windows 10 distribution from microsoft’s website and reinstalled the OS. It’s easier for me to reinstall everything again, I set everything up as needed within an hour.
After that, the game works fine.

Ok… Glad you could get it working… Unfortunately it doesnt tell us what happened so we havent learnt anything really… :wink:

I suggest you make a System Restore Point so that you can revert your machine back to this state if anything goes wrong again - that would save you having to reinstall everything.

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