The french translation?

When do you plan to update the translations for your game, please? It’s been several months since some affixes in French don’t mean the same thing as in English at all. For example, “increased area for area skill” becomes in French “dégâts du feu augmentés et vulnérabilité au feu”(increased fire damage and vulnerability to fire). This is not the only affix with such a problematic translation that completely hinders the use of the French version. Bugs have been reported from the beginning on your forums, but no action has been taken until now. Could you give us a date? Your game is now in version 1.0; it’s no longer a beta, so bugs shouldn’t exist anymore. Thanks! <3

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Not the priority at the moment but i upvote this since it could ruin our fellow country player who arent playing in english

What a shame to ask for feedback on the translations when everything needs to be redone from start to finish. We’re not talking about 2-3 translation bugs, but dozens of bugs. Hire competent people and stop using Google Translate! You are not being honest with us!

4 months later, after reporting some translation problems, I see that some are still relevant… The correction of this will clearly never be done and it is dishonest of you to say that the game is in French when it’s completely buggy

Ce bug et uniquement ce bug a été corriger… Engagez une équipe compétente. Il n’y’a aucune grammaire dans la traduction Française, plusieurs mots pour la même stats ou alors le frenzy effect qui devient des dégats de froid, ça n’a absolument aucun sens. J’ai désinstaller le jeu aussi vite, je refuse de jouer sur un jeu aussi mal traduit 10mois après la sortie des patchs

Vive la France!

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Ce qui me fait rire c’est qu’ils ont fermer ce post French Translation is a Mess and Impact the Gameplay - #3 by Cowboy280576
Et quasi aucun bug cité dans ce post n’ont été corriger. Y’a des gens qui pensent comprendre le jeu en français, alors que si tu connais pas PAR COEUR la version anglaise, y’a des stats qui tu ne pourras pas comprendre en français. T’es OBLIGÉ de switcher en anglais pour voir la “vrai” stats. J’ai jamais vue ça sur un jeu d’une telle ampleur.