The feature that needs to be added to avoid bad reviews

Interesting discussion. I think the campaign/end game dichotomy is really hurting ARPGs. I suspect the people that hate the campaign are numerous but still a vocal minority just like PVPers in MMOs. It will not happen with LE but an ARPG needs to find a way to just have content not this split between campaign and end game.

Oh I know that wasn’t necessarily the the message to get across, but you read the title, and skim through the original post, it’s just a funny assumption that can be made is all.

So far as the post goes, objectively, a difficulty slider for any campaign is going to become more resource intensive on the devs, as well as not something that is strictly required for the average player’s enjoyment. I can see it being something they’d like to add in the future but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon (or at all, if it doesn’t necessarily fit in with their vision of the game). I wouldn’t put it past them though.

Seems to me that they already have the “sliders” built right into the game in the monolths and corruption. All they would need to do is to add the ability (probably set choices) to add modifiers and corruption right at the beginning of the game possibly with added magic find or quantity etc… As mentioned though they did say something was planned. Also I feel very invested in the success of this game not trying to be negative.

I didn’t know they had stuff underway! Neat. I only commented bc I thought the initial idea was funny.

Like I said, I wouldn’t have put it past them to add something of the kind to the campaign. It’ll certainly be cool if and when it comes out.

New player here. I initially gave the game a bad review because it was too easy still at level 40 and felt like the campaign was going on for too long (which prevented me from unlocking masochist mode). I stuck with it and found the game getting a bit more challenging as I went up in levels, but I almost quit and didn’t come back. The bosses and exiled mages are good and challenging enough, but everything else (including the rare monsters) dies so fast that you aren’t able to play with them.

My opinion is that the tutorial-level difficulty should be over when you begin time-traveling and first go to the ruined future. By then you have a lot of skills unlocked, have seen half a dozen levels, and killed a boss. It’s a good time thematically to start having some scaling “learn to play” moments, like when you first ran into Rakinishu or opened the Butcher’s door. As a cool setpiece like that and since it’s optional, that first dragon in primeval times should be a lot more challenging with mechanics that put the lowbie to the test: possibly even have it as hard as some of the end game bosses if you try to go after it at level 10-14 or whenever you run into it.

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Every arpg that does not end when you kill the last boss has a mediocre at best campaign. Even Bliz knows none of us want to go through that again, and D4’s story probably cost more than some 3rd world countries GDP to make.

I still have no fuckin clue whats going on in PoE after 3500 hours (getting to maps without dying isnt an amazing feat), and I have no clue what is going on in LE either. Beyond introducing systems and teaching us the ropes, campaigns are one and done for me (I hate you GGG).

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The end game is the worst part of ARPGs but this games campaign is too easy to be fun.

So you legit only play arpg’s for their stories? Once Kitava is dead in PoE you call it quits?

No, the journey of making a char through the game is fun.
If the journey is made piss-easy like POE and this game, and all there is to the game is endlessly grinding the same thing over and over…there’s no point.

I just want to point out that if you believe the POE campaign is easy, you are not in the majority of players and developers will not cater to you.

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I don’t think that’s true. I think most players agree the campaign is easy, they’re just fine with it the way it is and don’t really want a higher difficulty.
That’s not to say that the devs won’t make difficulties and, in fact, Mike has suggested before that they have something out of the box planned for this.

Easy is subjective, and at this point, I am sure most people playing PoE have gone thru the acts a dozen times. With that said, I agree though, in the grand scheme of arpg difficulty I would put PoE near the top for any uninitiated player. Not understanding the resist system and getting one shot by everything in act 6 can be a deal breaker.

Mayber for users who already did it twice or more times could be quite simple, but for new ones I guess it’s a normal one.

Totally agree about to increase a bit the difficulty, or at least increase it gradually while playing.

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Is entirely subjective, I can tell you my EA experience.

I’m an old guy and the difficulty was always easy, I don’t think I’m specially good at these games. Masochist was an absurd 2x health and 2x damage for enemies, and remained playable (I’m talking about the beginning BTW).

The game IMO is too much on the easy side. This damages all the other stuff, as progression feels meaningless. And many people will not have the patience to see if it gets better 8 hours of gameplay later…

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You can skip the campaign, so this post is not relevant.

Also, I find the campaign fun to play through. Maybe it’s your build causing you to feel this way.

I love running the campaign a little bit faster each time. Feels nice. It should be getting easier, because I am becoming a God faster and faster. :slight_smile:

Spoiler: it doesn’t.
Monoliths, the end game, reset the difficulty again for another 10-20 hours and start easier than the final chapters of the campaign because…idk.