The feature that needs to be added to avoid bad reviews

There are a lot of small things that could be added or changed but one feature I believe that is critical to add is difficulty scaling for the initial campaign. I think the current campaign is great but it IS quite simple. Reviewers I believe will look at this as a big negative. It will also affect the additional play throughs on alts

There needs to be some mechanism to choose the level of difficulty of the initial campaign. It could be as simple as the toggle in Grim Dawn or more detailed. It would seem you already have the capability baked right into the game with corruption and map modifiers in the monoliths.

Just add a couple set difficulties that add corruption and some modifiers to the campaign so players have the ability to choose the difficulty of the initial experience.


I think your feedback would come across as a lot more genuine and honest if you just said this was something you personally wanted instead of trying to make a comically grandiose statement about hypothetical bad reviews.

No serious reviewer is gonna pan the game because the campaign doesn’t have a difficulty scaler. It’s the introduction to the game. It’s supposed to be simpler and less challenging.


Most people I know give a rats ass about the story part and look at it as tutorial they are forced to play through. A fast and easy story will not lead to bad reviews and there are far bigger construction sites ingame then the weak difficulty of the story line.


Game is built vastly different than GD. Multiple difficulty levels world be entirely unnecessary for LE. Plus if I’m not mistaken solo self found and masochist mode are supposed to get added back at some point.

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Masochist, sadly, isn’t. Though I think that maybe they’ll add something to replace it? Hopefully?

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There’s been so much talk around this mode I couldn’t remember were it actually landed. Thanks for clarifying that. Given EHGs reinvention of some ‘arpg standards’ it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with it, if they do replace it with something.

I mean, campaign having or not having difficulty modes isn’t reinventing ARPG standards, since there are enough ARPGs out there with either of those options.

People said the same thing about auction houses and EHG came up with a very unique twist on it. So if ‘reinvention’ bothers you that much how about we just settle on ‘reinvision’ and I’ll still look forward to what they come up with.


You misunderstood me. I don’t have a problem with reinvention. I just meant that whether EHG keeps just the default difficulty or brings back masochist or similar, neither is a reinvention because both have been done before in other games.
That’s not to mean that they haven’t done a good job reinventing other stuff, nor that they won’t be able to do the same to difficulties. I just meant that both options being presented already exist in various ARPGs.

No, I understood. You were refuting my saying ‘reinvention’. Which is fine. That’s why I said, let’s call it reinvision then.

In that case I’m the one that misunderstood. How do you figure difficulties in LE are a reinvention/reinvision of existing systems in other games? I haven’t played masochist, since it was already removed when I bought LE, but from what I understand it was just “everything is x% harder”.

Not trying to disagree with you, or anything. It’s hard to convey tone in text form, but I’m genuinely just curious and it’s quite possible I’m just unaware of something.

What I was referring to was however LE decides to implement it will likely be a new angle and a fresh take and won’t look anything like what we’ve had before. Just like they’ve been doing with the auction house/trade thing that has ‘always been an existing in system in most other arpgs.’


Oh, ok. I can agree with you there. LE feels really fresh with all the small (and big) stuff they implemented.

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No pressure, EHG, we don’t have high expectations at all.


It’s not going to be on the same innovation scale as things like the item factions but we do have a very slightly different way of doing this planned. I don’t think it needs to be quite as much to be successful though.


Difficulty options are nice from some but I doubt its a make or break for a huge swath of players. I mean I could be wrong but I know that, I at least, wouldn’t adjust the difficulty of the campaign as I just want to run through it now that I have already done it once.

I am sure others would agree. I don’t play PoE but I know people who do and when a new league starts or they are making a new character they run through the campaign as fast as possible

A lot of us are very capable of appreciating the small changes as well as the broader changes. Just keep listening and spending those hours Judd mentioned in the video debating and working and brainstorming and even when you all have some stumbles, the track record is still better than the W/L ratio of some of the greatest sports coaches (I’m completely mixing genres here but you know what I mean.)


I’m still waiting for the Mike Voice Pack. We’re approaching 3 years Mike…


Well I did just get a better mic…


You know what needs to be done Mike.

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