The feature that needs to be added to avoid bad reviews

Oh, ok. I can agree with you there. LE feels really fresh with all the small (and big) stuff they implemented.

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No pressure, EHG, we don’t have high expectations at all.


It’s not going to be on the same innovation scale as things like the item factions but we do have a very slightly different way of doing this planned. I don’t think it needs to be quite as much to be successful though.


Difficulty options are nice from some but I doubt its a make or break for a huge swath of players. I mean I could be wrong but I know that, I at least, wouldn’t adjust the difficulty of the campaign as I just want to run through it now that I have already done it once.

I am sure others would agree. I don’t play PoE but I know people who do and when a new league starts or they are making a new character they run through the campaign as fast as possible

A lot of us are very capable of appreciating the small changes as well as the broader changes. Just keep listening and spending those hours Judd mentioned in the video debating and working and brainstorming and even when you all have some stumbles, the track record is still better than the W/L ratio of some of the greatest sports coaches (I’m completely mixing genres here but you know what I mean.)


I’m still waiting for the Mike Voice Pack. We’re approaching 3 years Mike…


Well I did just get a better mic…


You know what needs to be done Mike.

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One of the first previews I saw panned the game endlessly because the campaign was too easy. It is good to hear something is planned

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Each person’s approach to difficulty is different, and sometimes a bit weird.
That’s why I agree some choices between different degrees of difficulty would indeed be good.

The weird/puzzling part: most people do complain that the campaign is too easy (because, in my opinion, it is). Yet some of these people follow a build guide from the start, effectively making things considerably easier than they should be. Even weirder, they use levelling uniques, turning on purpose the campaign into an absolute joke.
Oh well, to each their own…

(Side note: right now, the hardest chapter is chapter 1. Followed by chapter 9. Then chapter 8. Difficulty is in reverse order of date of implementation, leading me to believe EHG is always improving the difficulty balance. Good sign for the future.)

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The campaign almost put me to sleep the first time through. It’s really bad and boring. I cannot stand it. It’s my #1 issue with the game. #2 being monoliths being the exact same boring easymode grind for so long.
Having to do both these things on every new character is awful. I don’t understand how people are letting the devs get away with these terrible decisions.

Yes for the Monoliths but you can skip the story pretty easy sooner or later and even faster in MP.

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You think you’re the only person to complain that the campaign is a bit biring and easy? Interesting…

I think a lot of people think so honestly but right now the dampaign is needed to stretch the content because if you make the story a fast pass you get into the boring repetetive part of the game pretty fast. After you get that a new ARPG is on the market with a fraction of content from games like PoE (Yeah even D4 felt this pretty hard) some people might get back to this.
The story of LE is a nobrainer like an extended tutorial with bad storytelling (thx to the UI) and I can understand why people hate it. Is it a big nono? Nah.

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Dungeons are a way to bypass the campaign. The way they are now are really hard for new characters, but the devs have said before they intend to balance dungeons so that you can use them as campaign skips. And also alternative ways to get the passives/idols from quests.

Sure. The story part is a non issue for me… been there done that. I just autopilot through it while chatting with my friends who run along and that’s that.

To me the campaign is a non issue but running normal Monos again and again is tiresome.

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Yes, I can see that. It’s like running PoE maps over and over. However, devs are looking into monos and ways to make them more interesting. I believe they will be more fun over time. And I expect we’ll eventually get more endgame activities as well.

However, in my opinion, any endgame activity that you do over and over for a few weeks in a row will always become boring. The only way to avoid it is to have several available so we can switch between them when we get bored with one. But again, that will only come with time…

They’re “getting away with it” because - and hear me out - this is not a fact, it’s an opinion, and it’s not an opinion that everyone shares.


I do not agree that the campaign is bad and boring, but many agree with you and like I said 2 previewers bashed the campaign so I think there should be some sort of difficulty/reward mechanism built in to address this issue. Let’s not forget that POE is intentionally going back and making each act intentionally harder and GD already has Veteran mode so I think this is a logical and probably simple feature to add.

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Which ones? I’d like to make sure I avoid them.