The early game is absolutely ridiculous how easy it is

I decided to go blind in LE and build my own character, the way that I want to - experiment and have fun. Please don’t ruin that for some that like to feel like they’re fighting for their own life in a game. Thanks!


Did the same thing several hundret of hours to wrap my head arroud every mastery and the potential of it. When I understood the basics i went to theorycraft and look for other stuff I missed.

The funniest part of games to me is to find something to play that is fun. The more information I’m bombarded with the less fun it is at a certain point.

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Y E S!

I completely agree with the feeling, and it is important to keep a level of difficulty where people feel like they can experiment on their own.
But, to follow the PoE example, I don’t think people follow builds because of the difficulty of the campaign. More because the systems look extremely complex and overwhelming. I like to do my own things: my first few characters, both in PoE and LE, were self made (and finished the campaigns without too much troubles).
Then the passive tree was so complex, the skills so numerous, that I felt I had to read builds to really understand the system. Just like if I ever decide to play a runemaster, I would look at a build, because it feels far too complex to explore on my own.
At least for me, it comes from complexity, not difficulty.

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I looked at PoE and was overwhelmed at first. Then i tought to myself “Take the least complicated and dumbass way to look at it.”. I used the builder to find the shortest ways from A to B to get all the key nodes i wanted and added as much tank as needed and always had a good time in PoE. A lot of people are simply overwhelmed by the bloated size and the prenentation PoE has but if you look at the ammount of stat points and HP or ES you need you have little room to do that much wrong if you pick the fundamental basics you need for build xyz.
It all comes down to knowledge. My first toon in PoE had far to much resis so I skilled them away. First time I picked an ascendancy I hated it and releveled a toon while someone asked me why i don’t change it simply with a few regrets.

To me reading guides is something I do if I’m lazy like in “What is fotm this D3 season? Okay I just run it down!” or if I want to further educate myself about game systems or unique item interactions for example.

Then again it comes all down to balancing. If masteries and skills work fine people will be happy but the one Paladin Rebuke purist will still cry salty tears ^^.


I agree, that’s what guides are for in my mind.

I was overwhelmed too by PoE when I started, so I decided to stay simple and my first character was a Heavy Strike gladiator.
Surprisingly, it was working fine even in maps (allowing me now to laugh at people saying PoE is unplayable if you don’t follow the metas), but boy, was it slow and boring! :joy:


You need to first spend 1001 hours to search for builds and how to’s before starting the game. :rofl:

I think the biggest issue with PoE for new players, even more than the daunting looking tree, is that there are so many nodes that can give good bonuses and some that can even change the direction of your build, that if you don’t follow a guide (again, as a new player) you’ll spend a whole day just looking at the nodes and trying to figure out which ones you want, which are close by, etc.
So instead of looking at builds, you’re looking at nodes for a full day. And that’s if you download the planner. Otherwise you’re stuck looking at the passive tree in-game at level 2 for a few hours.

In that regard, LE is much simpler to get started while still allowing enough complexity and variety to make your own build. And the fact that you don’t really get a challenge until you get to higher monos helps with this. It’s better for a player to just play the campaign with whatever build they come up with and hit a wall at level 60 or whatever, than hitting a wall at level 20.

As a new player yes. If you keep track of patches then you are fine and click through it without a second sort or a fleshed out buildplaner.

I think new players will have a hard time with the skill possibilities in LE as well even when there are only so little if you simply aim for effectiveness.

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Agreed 100%

This game is far, far, far too easy. My brain turns numb and begins to melt. I cannot stand it. Can you give some type of option to fix this, anything? I don’t need more xp, or more loot, or more gold, or anything, I just want to not play an auto-battler for 30+ hours on every single character I make.

The crafting is awesome, the classes are awesome, the skill trees are amazing, the loot is cool and interesting, but none of this matters and I don’t interact with it because the game is so easy for too long.

Please add some type of difficulty scaling/setting, I don’t care if it means the character is removed from ladder, but the game needs SOMETHING. This one huge fatal flaw ruins the entire game for me and everyone I know.


I kind of agree, but at the same time I came to the conclusion that this game is probably meant as a 2nd or 3rd game and not a main game and the developers seem to be fine with that. Maybe that will change in the future who knows. But right now it’s a bit of like playing a arpg in creative mode where you make cool builds and that’s the goal, actually using the builds is not a big part of the gameplay loop.

Still hyped for launch though, easy 2-3 weeks of fun gaming :slight_smile:

I dont think so :thinking:
It’s meant to be your main game, but thats really entitled to one personal enjoyment of the current system (endgame loop).
And there is difficult there for the ones looking for challenge to their builds.

It’s there (endgame) that Devs are focusing to bring more content and activities. It’s there where we have more complains.
Sure campaign and early monos could use an enhance, but I wouldnt count too much on it before they tune up endgame.

Coming from a heavy Diablo and a bit of PoE background I do not think the difficulty needs adjustment. I found through 40 or so levels that certain classes I played seemed on the easier side and some of them were far more difficult. This is class balance and usually works out as you progress. Not to mention its the campaign, who actually wants the difficulty in an arpg to come during the campaign…?

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The difficulty spikes pretty hard in the campaign approaching and after Lagon. Lagon himself is a buggy mess, so I hesitate to call him “difficult” because some of that is definitely bugs (though he is a fairly tough fun in my opinion regardless), but the campaign is definitely not sunshine and rainbows the whole way through.

My arch nemesis is that fudgin’ ice dude who splits himself up a bunch of times. Can’t remember his name, wouldn’t wanna know anyway. I disrespect him and the snow he floats over.

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If it’s too easy… just go faster and skip mobs and focus the campaign quests. You’ll end up under leveled and it not being so easy.

It’s designed around “if you take it slow and kill everything you see…yeah you’ll end up levels ahead of everything and it shouldn’t be hard.” It’s like a tutorial for your character.

I’m +1 keeping it exactly as-is. First play through was easy enough to let me de-level skills and try stuff out without bricking my current progress, and for Alts I hate doing the campaign at all so letting me just rush main quests and get it done ASAP is nice.

Why even have a forced campaign, then?
It’s not like monoliths are any harder, they are literally easier than the final act of the campaign until you’ve done a few dozen of them…

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I think it’s a bit of a 50/50 on this, but I would probably be in favor of adding a bit more difficulty to at least act 0.5-3. I understand it is a balance between not having it by too hard for total beginners in order to get them actually into the game, but I also feel like it kinda sucks that if you specialize into a damaging skill early on and don’t skimp on your resists, you literally don’t have to engage in fight mechanics for most of the early campaign.

Some way to force me to at least dodge attacks, would likely do a lot towards decreasing the sleepwalking through the first two acts a bit. But some part of that is also just having done it 9000 times already:)

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Funny that people whine about PoE Act 1 being too hard but now people say LE is too easy. I do agree btw, however, LE’s main focus isn’t single player campaign like it is in D2 and Grim Dawn. The goal is end game and Chapters are just in the way. Like others have mentioned I would like more density as I typically just sprint through and only stop for rares. While I think the early game difficulty is “fine”, I wouldn’t complain to have a Veteran mode like Grim Dawn has which I think just ups hp and dmg of monsters. Really though, I find the early game boring in general and think they need to re-revamp it. I think EH is at risk of losing players and getting hit with Steam refunds because the first three hours of the game are so much more bland than later in the game. Heck I still get made waiting so late for my last two skill trees to unlock. Typical ARPG stuff though

What end game? There’s barely anything there and it’s extremely repetitive…

To be fair, most ARPG end games are repetitive. That’s just the gameplay loop. Path of Exile has maps as their primary end game, and it’s repetitive. Load a map, run through, kill a boss, leave. And then there are bigger bosses that break up the action once in a while, which LE has in Monos also, though not quite to the extend PoE has (but PoE has a lot more years under their belt). And with the years under PoE’s belt, they’ve been able to refine their end game to feel likk repetitive, even if it is still literally just mapping and bossing.

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