The early game is absolutely ridiculous how easy it is

Please consider increasing the challenge or difficulty a bit in the game’s early campaign. It´s completely horrible to have play it for hours pressing just one key or skill, without forcing you to even minimally choose any build by your own.


Do you have any suggestions?

Increase the difficult a little bit obviously in the early game.

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Not so much “difficulty” exactly, but I would love to see generally higher mob density through out the entire game, especially in monos. The more time spent between packs rather than in them, the bigger my sadness.


They are cooking something up for harder campaign, but I think anything they cook up is going to be opted into.

The campaign serves as the introduction for new and old players alike to the systems of the game. if you are needing to make extremely specific build path choices during it, then its failing its job as the tutorial setting of the game.


Yeah, the campaign has always been easy, though there’s a difficulty spike when you start the divine era & then chapter 9. Devs are aware of it. I think PoE is a bit harder early on in the campaign but not much.

I think the current ease of the campaign is good for those new to the genre but it would be nice if there were an option like in GD for a slightly harder version the rest of us could select.

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I have 0 need for a campaign that is hard. When I think about the first minboss and the ridiculous state it was in in the beginning (and many other mobs as well) I don’t want it to be harder. If we make it harder we are mostly back in oneshot terretory because the difficulty scaling was most likely not tested enough.
On top of it what are the benefits from higher difficulty outside of not snoring while playing. 10% more mf or something? Thx but no thx I hope they come up with something in the future when the game is in a realse ready state with patch 1.6 :smiley: (just kidding about the patch number… hopefully.).


Then play PoE HC if Last Epoch is too easy for you. :smiley:


I don’t think mob density should be increased early on during the campaign. This will make learn and recognize individual mobs harder.

Yea, I agree. As the game goes on I would like to see density scale the further you get. But again, especially in monos. The walking between packs is snooze-inducing.

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Well the thread was about early game and campaign so.

But mob density getting higher is something the devs already said they will work towards.
It will be a slow steady process though.


I think it is great for experimentation with your style and method of gameplay. :person_shrugging:

Since I don’t like to “choose” my build but to try my own ideas I think the difficulty is ok. For an ARPG newby it maybe even challenging. Sometimes I think the balance between normal mobs and the bosses are not perfect. e.g. the crowd-mobs needs to be harder to show you, your will get in trouble at the next boss. But I would realy love selectable difficulties.

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What a strange line…
Not snoring while playing, a.k.a. more fun, more interesting gameplay, IS the benefit, and the only reason why people ask for a harder campaign. The main reason why most of us play at all, come to think of it (I hope).

I would love the campaign to be a bit more challenging, but I would be against any added rewards on higher difficulty, like more xp or more drops.
Because if you get more xp or better gear, your character gets stronger, and the higher difficulty actually becomes EASIER halfway through (looking at you, Grim Dawn Veteran).


Not if you play a game for the endgame loop. Not if you can’t be arsed to click through a badly delivered story for over 100 times. To me a harder storyline is a hard to balance thing that should be thought through rely good and tested for months untill it is put to live. The campaign beeing a snorefest i want to be done with asap needs far more changes then just adding mobs here and there or adding 10% HP or 5% more dmg.

And a loto f people would hate it it. Look at WT1 in D4. Almost noone touches WT2 because it’s a waste of time and the benefits for playing WT2 are not there so a lot of people simple skip it to get to WT3 faster… you know when better loot starts to drop and spending time in the difficulty becomes worthwhile.

I played LE long enough I most likely won’t be bothered by the difficulty but as long as there are people who struggle with story Lagoon or whatever the endboss snake thing is called again I think the game is hard enough ^^.

I think that’s the bit where we will have to agree to disagree, which is fine.
To me, “worthwhile” means one thing, and only one: having fun.
Rewards, levels, gear, whatever, are ok if they bring more fun. If it bores me to get them, I just don’t.

[I do play the Diablo 4 campain on World Tier 2.]

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Which one? Lagon? The worm boss you fight in the ruined era?

There is no difficulty scaling in the campaign, that’s kinda part of the problem.

That’s the main one. The campaign doesn’t need mf or xp buffs, you’ll already be over levelled if you do much more than sprinting through the zones ignoring most mobs.


overhauled new first chapter, the living armor that puts fire everywhere. That one was a nightmare the first time i was there with a melee toon.

Yeah but this is what people want who already have forgotten what ember mages and siege golems will do to them. It’s not fun to get instagibbed by jumping rats in the canals. You know what mobs have been stupidly powerfull and how little it needs to make them craycray again :smiley: .

That is the main issue with the campaign. The xp curve is ass and you don’t even have the need to play the game you simply run from entrance to exit and kill some mobs on the way. No need to look for mobs and to kill them because you fall behind if you don’t do so. That’s the main issue why thegame is far to easy. Just run through some zones and fight enemys 5-10 levels above your level and things get a bit more tense.

On the other side… imagine the average human being and how said human being can’t be arsed to do something extra for no benefit ^^. Just look into the D4 WT discussions they had because there were 2 options how you start out into the game. One is much much muhc faster without any reasonable downsides compared to the much much more hp sponge harder difficulty that offered nothing worthwhile to play it outside of wasting time untill you are in WT3.

I get what people want but i think:

  • Adding mobs will increase the problem even more because you are even more overleveled.
  • Adding power to enemies will most likely leave to oneshot fiestas again or it would be so little it won’t bother anyone.
  • Adding a difficulty just to add a difficulty is a waste of time from my point of view.
  • there has to be a differnce in the game modes that is meaningfull and compensated or most people and most new players wont touch it. I’m not in the mood for bragging rights because someone intentionly playes difficulty X over Y.
  • I’m all for a well balanced new approach to the game that makes it harder but not in a way mentioned above. A well tested overhaul of difficulty is needed yes but i couldn’t care less because they game begins at 100 corruption and everything before is just a overglorified tutorial.

The spinny one? Yeah, the first time you get to it isn’t too bad because you have Grael to freeze it periodically but the second time is a bit more annoying. IMO, one just needs to accept that a melee will have less uptime on it, like the Primeval dragon.

I miss Masochist, it was awesome. I still remember my first time in Masochist when I tried to facetank the Students fight and got nuked when they woke up & immediately hit me with their spam attack right off the bat at the same time.

Yeah, but I, personally, would like the choice. In Grim Dawn I never start on normal, I always start on Veteran & I have no idea if it gives xp or anything extra.

I posted a similar topic after seeing a couple previews complaining the campaign is too easy. One thing to consider no matter how easy or hard you think it is someone will think it is either harder or easier than you do. Personally I think the ultimate solution is to get away from “end game” content entirely but that is for a different game.

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