The Convergence Update - Beta 0.9 Patch Notes

Judgement is still very broken with pious offering.

Yeah D4 it is. Maybe 1.0 saves this, Surely.

This looks juicy. I’m looking forward to get back into LE with this patch :smiley:

Actually, Pious version probably got hit the most. Pious made extreme use of VR to reset mana. VR cooldown got a pretty hefty nerf. This will greatly impact how often you can blast away 100% of your mana bar.

Does this change the base duration or the currently active duration? Is it further affect by reduced duration in the infernal shade tree?

I am a little bit concerned about the Focus node conveyance in combination with the traversal skill changes. Namely, the fact that traversal skill cooldown doesn’t recover during the skill. Since conveyance causes Focus to be a traversal skill, that would imply that it’s cooldown does not recover so long as it is channeled, actively incentivizing you against using it normally, as the longer you channel it the longer it will be before you can teleport again. I had been considering trying out a mana stacking build using the damage nodes for focus, and using conveyance to jump into enemies with it, but if continuing to channel it extends the cooldown that sounds really bad.

EDIT: Just wanted to add I don’t think it would be unreasonable to add an exemption to the rule that cooldown does not recover during duration for conveyance (perhaps with a slight increase to cooldown); being stuck in place channeling is already enough of a reduction in mobility without also extending your mobility cooldown I think.

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For the players which are experts on VK: What’s your conclusion about the changes? Fair?

Great thing about 2023. There is sooooo much to choose from. You do you! I actually refunded my pre-sales of D4. Decided I had no interest. Now we’ve BOTH made or intentions known so we can get our zings in and feel good about our decisions.


I specifically like the addition/changes to CDR and Area Affixes.
Especially in conjunction with 2H Melee Weapons getting more exclusive affixes.

Erasing Strikes’ Implements of Destruction Node changes in conjunction with this makes 2H really interesting with all the different options and routes you can go about it.

Eber Head for big nukes
Apathy’s Maw for screen clear
Hollow Blade for sustained spamming


What’s the solution for mana regen?

Is there eventually going to be flat mana regen and more mana regen modifiers added to the game?

With Volatile Reversal being hit and those new Sorcerer passives (removed intelligence??), I don’t see mana management looking to good for Sentinel subs and Sorcerer.

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I believe the solution they want you to take for mana regen is to not try to play LE like other games that allow you to build in a way that completely ignores all resource costs.


In general there isn’t so much changes as there are small tweeks to things which ultimately seems to be of very little value, baring rare exceptions here and there.

Above all I see that acolite necromancer continues to not be great. Minion AI improvement are great and all, but minions are not not getting any major buffs to damage which they sorely need, they are not getting any major buffs to survivabillity which they also sorely need and we are not seeying any major changes around summoning multiple minions at once. No one takes nodes that makes you summon multiple minions because the downsides of them are so heavy that there is no point in doing so. We lose damage by taking those nodes, the mana cost is ridiculously high and to top it off there is a cooldown unless we waste more points to summon less but without a cooldown.

This is without me even getting started on how bad totems still are. The only totem builds are not totem builds, they use a totem interaction with a caster skill and the damage comes from casting not really from the totems attacking. They also suffer the multiple summon problem that minions do.

Then let’s also talk about QoL. We know that the auto-cast of skills was a bug with the endgine that you decided to keep. Cool, I think we can all agree that auto casting of some skills is actually beneficial for the game or you’d have removed that. Since we can agree to that why can’t we just fully adopt auto casting, make it an actual option you turn on by adding a check box or something for it? With this we can remove the constant stuttering of auto casting which let’s be honest, doesn’t really gets anyone killed, it’s only annoying and if it’s annoying, you may as well get rid of a pointless source of frustation for the players.

I’m sure there is a slew of other things to write about, about plenty of skills and playstyles that need buffing, about how crafting still needs improvements and so on. But i’ll let other people talk about those as I’m not familiar with all the skills at least.

I’ll say however that the current guilds system is lacking to unbeleivable degrees. On one side you got non trade which is mostly what it is right now with some buffs at higher levels. On the other you got trade with such a massive drop nerf that no one will trade anything because no one will find anything worth trading (yes a bit of exageration but gets the point across) and in both cases progression, at least at first look seems further gated by what you can even equip due to guild level restrictions.

So the way I see it. While there has been some minor improvements here and there, there was also some nerfs which were in many cases unwarented in a lot of places and a lot of what needs some large improvements are not really seeing it. The game might feel more stable to play with the performance improvements you are making, but it seems like it will feel worse to play from the perspective of player power which you somehow still believe needs even more nerfs when it needs a ton of buffs across the board.


Am I reading this right that their are experience penalties for being more than five levels from a zone? So, this forces people to continue with the storyline instead of going to monoliths at around 40?

This is one of the major issues with why I severely dislike PoE. You have to do the entire storyline to do maps on every character. It is a massive drawback.

Deciding to go Aura of Decay Lich or Bone Golem Necro in 0.9

Not only did it not get buffed it also got nerfed by the fact you will poison yourself more which is one of the biggest issues, you just kill yourself more and more the stronger you get. ffs


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No, you are misinterpreting the adjustment to XP penalties.

There was a system already before and now they slightly changed that system.

Higher level areas fundamentally already give you way more experience, but if you go to areas that are much higher than your levels (10+ levels) you will get some penalty.

But those areas will still give you a lot of experience.

I think these changes were mostly made so that xp carry services will not become a RMT thing.


hope the 0.9 patch helps with that. If it doesn’t then maybe the gtx 960 (and other components) needs to be upgraded :frowning:

this change of increased affect to penetration is kind the the biggest you are scared of beast master poisons ever

and honestly the increased effect being a multiplier to the base damage of a ailment and increasing other effects of it was an interesting design space

but this is a nerf to poisons for beast master in the order of a little more than halving the base damage and gaining about 15% more pen… when you were already getting to at about 45-65% over penetration on a build with the correct helm and chest mod mods

so more or less halving the damage output

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Are there plans to include a search box and glow highlighting for the timeline echo map? Would help to find special nodes while clearing or after a node reroll, such as unique reward echoes.


That guy isnt me. Just to be clear. :laughing:

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That’ll only really matter for Bosses, just slows the dps down a bit, and with enough points in Consecrated Ground duration I don’t think it’ll matter. With the refund cooldown on kill node I typically had VR up quicker than I really needed.