The coming Gift system encourages party playing too much

Isn’t it true that with the new ‘gift’ system the players playing in a party would have a big advantage when seasons (epochs or whatever they will be called) start? Because they will have several times more chances to find a particular piece of gear while playing together in a party than a solo-player. Is it ok with the devs? I think that would force players to party-up even if they don’t feel like it. Just to be able to gear up faster. What d you guys think about it?


I really like the idea of calling the seasons “Epochs”! Hope some dev sees that.

As for the main subject, sorry, but as always with multiplayer or trade, I am completely indifferent. Not sure we needed a 264th thread about it, but that’s fine, you guys go ahead.

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It’s the same as in every other game with a group system and trade so what? Effective groups will allways have a better income then equaly effective solo players untill the developer makes coop useless like in Undecember when you have worse droprates then in solo play what is stupid because it causes MP to be totaly useless.


If you play solo you dont care for what others do anyway so for me thats a non issue as long as droprates get not nerfed to hell to balance for groups.

But ofc. you are right thats a massive adavantage for group play. It basicly is a 300% more loot modifier.

To be realistic 90% of the guys that cry for MP now will never play in a group and multiplayer for them is just “trade” - so its only a very small fraction of the playerbase how will use the system i guess.

Yes but not to this high extent of 300% more drop rate. I’m not against a reasonable advantage for group playing vs. solo playing. 25%-50% even 100% is okish but 300% is too much.

Don’t worry there 's surely gonna be a discord channel for party finding like “looking for bastion farm party +3”.

Lol I play every D3 season with friends and we always play a full barb group and this is like 5000% more loot. Then again everything is rng I droped 5 Slabs in 2 minutes the other day and I reaaaaly wanted to sout my hate for said items into the void.

On top of it 300% more drops in LE are a joke because the most items that drop are complete and utter bullcrap to begin with. 300% of nothing is still nothing. It’s just a higher chance to get desired loot but then again rng will say “NO!”.

Again like in every other game there will be people who do this the real question for most people is: “How jealous are you that it’s more important to you how much loot drops for other players instead of playing the game?”.
That’s one reason why I always have been against the ability to inspect other players because there are some donkys arround who are jealous and cry about drops first and then about difficulty and then the downward spiral get’s out of hand and everyone is crying the devs a river. Best example: WoW. Absolut mess and I’ll be happy if EHG finds a good middle ground because if they make MP completely useless then they can stop developing MP and make a SP offline game.

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That’s always the case though, especially as you get closer to being BiS.

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In D3 you get 10% MF for each member in your party up to 30%. That is easily seen if you press DETAILS button and scroll down to MF stats while being in a party.

Yeah but the baseline is totaly different. Imagine a lootsplosion like in D3 every time you finish a monolith. What I said above in LE we are at the 300% of meh drop rates when you combine it with D3 30% more loot on top of a 100x loot enhancer it’s not compareable ^^.

I’m pretty sure LE will do something that makes partyplay less beneficial I need something to laugh about maniacly anyway ^^.

If parties get individually reduced drop rates, that heavily discourages party play. Especially if it is reduced by the amounts being suggested.
Most parties aren’t going to adjust their loot filters for party play. Likely a very, very small percentage of parties will be coordinated enough for this. At most, a player might add an affix here or there to look for build defining affixes for party members.

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Yes, but if you’re all playing the same base class then you can use an item that your friend drops if they don’t need it (though I suspect Macknum was applying a teensy bit of hyperbole with the 5,000% rather than 300%).

Just wanted to point out a bonkers example of party loot aquisation and D3 is the best example becaue the ammount of items you get by party play is so much it’s stupid. I just picked a number between 4999 and 5001 to remember the poeple about how bad it can be in the future because we seen examples on the gaming market already.

yeah, unbalanced cringe
single player (literally ssf, no matter which option you choose before character creation), but in a group this doubles your drop kekw
I also laugh when everyone calls and waits for “MULTIPLAYER”

coop != multiplayer, but there is nothing from “MULTIPLAYER”, only a stupid system of party gifts

imho game already ruined after 1 post “gifts instead of the expected trade” so no matter what would be with game in future

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Co-op is, in fact, always multiplayer.
Multiplayer is not co-op, but very often includes it. Possibly more than the alternative (pvp).

I’ve seen this idea that “coop != multiplayer” in a few places now and I’m really interested to know how you would define multiplayer.

If you were to list out the minimum requirements to call any game a multiplayer game, what are those requirements?

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Team loot drop benefits will be a problem if there are rewards for players getting to some endpoint first. PoE shows this pretty well. Even if the mechanics are different, the results are the same. Team play is abused to gain an advantage over the general population of a game.

trade(and craft for other people and different builds u dont want to play), boss services, guilds and their activity and some other stuff
and what I see in LE - playing in party, I can’t think about this like multiplayer. just game with friend, like split screen in 2005

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Could you define “other stuff” for me please?

I would also just like to confirm that this means that Diablo 1/2/3 are all not multiplayer games right?


I believe what is happening here would be considered ‘moving the goalpost’.


I’m not sure if it is appropriate to call playing in a group a 300% more multiplier for loot.

As mentioned before, there’s class specific gear that drops that doesn’t make sense to gift to everybody.

Next, I personally will not stop on every item that drops that I can’t use and check out if any of my team members want to have it. I’ll set my loot filter and blow through the game. There will be lots of usable stuff for others left on the ground. A group of 4 will have better chances of finding specific items. But if they want to take full advantage of it they will also take x times longer to complete content because they constantly have to check items between each other.

You also seem to always look from from the perspective of somebody that gets feeded by all other party members. Do you think this will happen? So you play with somebody and he drops a good sword you could use on your Sentinel. But what if the guy that drops it also plays a Sentinel. Or he plans to do. Maybe the item is so damn good that the dude thinks “wow, I’ll just create a Sentinel next to use this sword”.

He doesn’t get anything in return from you unless you have something similar useful for him dropping for you so you could simulate a trade by gifting stuff to each other. But normally nobody would have an incentive to share his loot with you. It’s not that everybody on the internet and in games is nice and wants others to be happy., I guess.

And last, it’s not a real more multiplier for loot. You drop the same amount of loot as if you play solo. So does everybody else. Its instanced loot for the party, not shared. It only becomes shared if you do what I mentioned above and stopp after every mob group to post item links in chat and gift thinks left and right. This is not very realistic. People will only stopp if they see specific uniques drop. Maybe not even then, if you’re playing with strangers that just want to clear content fast.

The only thing that makes MP kind of “abusable” is when groups of friends commit to feed specific things to each other, like boss drops. So doing a mono boss run to acquire a specific item can be used to increase chances if the group commits to give the desired item to one guy in the group if it drops.

If you’re playing with random people, most likely they themselves will have a specific goal when doing boss runs. So if you’re farming a specific boss and join others that do as well, its likely these people are looking for the same items that you do.

So if you have friends that just play the game for feeding you, you will have an advantage.

Else I don’t see it as a problem. MP always has a benefit compared to solo play. This is the nature of MP. If you want to artificially erase any of these benefits, its not MP anymore.