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The Bodyguard (Forge Guard Minion Build 0.8.1C)

A Sentinel Forge Guard focused on Minions

Concept of the build is to have Manifest Armor as the main damage dealer, and to hit with Forge Strike to spawn Forged Weapons Minions.

All content viable, easy to gear and play (can go 177+waves in arena with only an average gear score of T-14)

Gearplanner : Forge Guard, Level 92 (LE Beta 0.8.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner


Added :slight_smile:

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Thanks :wink:

Does this build have mana problem? First thing I saw in the video is you are out of mana real fast…is there a way to regain mana back? Sorry I haven’t looked at the passive trees yet.

If 2H is reworked, this build has the potential to be even better.
I’d like to play it too :hugs:

No not really, we can easily sustain a decent amount of spawned forge weapons from forge strike (you can also reallocate a few more points in forge strike to make it cost even less mana, but i didnt find it nescesarry). We get mana back by hitting with vengeance which gives 10 mana pr hit from sentinel passive.

I think its currently in a fine state for this build, as we dont really deal much damage ourselves, but its used to make Manifest Armor hit hard. Ofc i wouldnt complain if they made it hit even harder tho :grin:

Does the flat fire damage from the sigils get applied to the minions?

Yes (it applies to allies, and minions are considered allies).

Oh cool! Perhaps Decree of Flame could be worth taking then, that would be another flat 12 added fire damage for all the minions.

It could be viable. I would probably take 2 points from Quiet mind and 1 point from Enduring hope to allocate.

Is there a loot filter? :smiley:

The only one i got is the one im using myself (which probably isnt very optimal for others), and i think the new patch has made some improvements to the filter that is far better than the old ones (havent had the time to look at it yet).

But if you still want my old filter i can link it later today.

Yes please :smiley: lootfilters are very confusing for me even with guides so i’d appreciate it alot.

Allright here´s the filter :
SentMinion.xml (7.1 KB)

I did try to change it to fit the new weapon types, but still im not 100% sure everything fits the new patch, so use it at your own risk :wink:

Thank you!

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Want to give this one a shot! Getting animated weapon vibes from PoE.

A few questions:

  1. How did you level this?
  2. Related to the first, did you follow another guide and then transition into this build?

Looks cool, just wondering how to get it going since the skills it relies on are all within the Forge Guard tree.

Heres a simple version :

  • 2h weapon with as much flat damage as possible
  • (sentinel) 5pt overwhelm/Juggernaut/Armor clad/Time and faith/Fearless/Blademaster
  • (forge guard) 8 Weapon master/7 battle hardened/5 Iron attunement/5 Smelters might/10 Folded steel

Lunge on auto-attack, and vengeance spec (executioner-bolster-rapid strikes)

If you need more details let me know, and ill look at it later tonight.

You could probably also use @boardman21 leveling guide for forge guard : 1 To 75 Leveling Guide Sentinel To Forge Guard 0.8.1I Last Epoch - YouTube (havent looked closer at it, but im quite sure it could transition into this build)

This is perfect and glad to hear I can stay mostly within the shell of the final build to level up.

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

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Np, have fun.

Im playing Manifest and recently hit 100 on FG, doing 260 corruption currently on Spirit of Fire timeline

Cant use Forge Strike there as you need 100% uptime of 4 sigils and I autocast so no mana

Need ring of shields up frequently

On the dummy manifest crits for up to 250k but in monoliths with 5 damage reduction mods ive seen crits as low at 1,600

Playing this has made me realise most builds in this game cannot stack corruption at 100 monoliths…they just will fail