The AFK timer is currently too strict

Yeah and the timer also starts when you stand and craft. So that’s obviously a bug as well.


Yeah I alt tab/step away more then I think about, 10/15 minutes is way too short. I think even 30 minutes is kinda lame. Sometimes I have to take a family member to work that is 15 minutes each way, so now I have to basically hope im at a decentish stopping point or finish what im doing first even at a 30 minute timer.

I tbqh dont see the benefit to this system/mechanic. Anyone who wants to bypass it is going to put a weight on a key or do some other degen stuff to keep the game open, all this does is hurt normal users…


I got kicked from the game while I was literally going through my inventory. It seems the game does not register anything but character movement for the inactivity timer. This is very annoying and needs to be changed ASAP.


Also would like this adjusted, I feel 30 min should be the floor. People will create scripts at some point to bypass this, we shouldnt have to resort to ToS violations just to handle real life when it calls. Thanks.


timer to short

Got afked while going through skills to figure out my build? I guess me moving my mouse around and clicking on skills in the IN GAME MENU is apparently the same as afking.

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thats still not fixed? made me quit LE in this patch after few mono runs. at least until this is fixed. unplayable.

people, why this topic only got 18 votes? whoever think this issue must be fixed - plz press on vote, so may be dev’s will listen, and fix game.

yep, the way this afk thing was implemented is really annoying
10 minutes is too short but ONLY recognizing character movements is even worse!!
a really really bad decision…
might be a bug, might be what they wanted to save resources, dont know
either way, it needs to be in the next hotfix(es)!
what people expect from games are quality of life features and this is exactly the opposite!

I was just kicked after Julra while crafting a ring to put in the eternity cache. So, I lose that.

I am not trying to be mean but the devs really didn’t foresee this problem? No one played the actual game before this change went through at all, huh? As you can see, I am pretty frustrated. It seems ridiculous.


When you stub your toe do you immediately cut of your leg because it’s unusable? I’ve gotten disconnected a few times but I’ve also played about 20 hours worth as well since the new patch. Seems completely playable.

This kind of histrionic hyperbole is hilarious. Call me when you’re set to amputate, I wanna grab my popcorn.

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You just equated not playing a game due to a very annoying problem with it to amputating your leg over a stubbed toe. Who’s doing the histrionic hyperbole, really? Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical. You’re being ridiculous.


Of course I am. That’s the point, thanks for explaining it though, so other’s can get it as well. It usually helps to speak someone’s language. So, hyperbole for hyperbole.

You get bonus points for appropriate useage of “histrionic”, I’ve not heard that in a while.

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Not impressed with AFK timer, way too short in my opinion. For instance picking up Echo loot and checking it , then opening chest loot and checking it, then trying to craft a couple of pieces to get right stats, Meanwhile AFK notification is behind forge window and still counting down even though your there crafting but unable to see it till “ping” you have been disconnected.

Yeah, this also just made me realize something, anyone done Lightless Arbor yet? Because sometimes it can take a while to sift through that stuff. I’d hate to get disconnected while reading a floor full of 2 million gold dungeon activation.


The worst part is when you are actually playing the game and get kicked. If you don’t physically move your character it seems to think you are afk. Been looking through all my gear in my stash trying to make a build and have been kicked several times now. This is a terrible update

While i agree the timer is rather short, and it should pick up any mouse movement as long as the game window is focused to reset the time limit.
On top we need a proper warning ahead of the disconnect that is not in the measly chat window which I wont see cuz I’m busy sorting my stuff in my stash for the last 10min.

Great there is a sound notification when it is too late to do anything about it.
last sentence is sarcasm for those unaware

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The notice in the chat window is definitely not sufficient. If chat works the way it should and I disable it so that I don’t have to see that window then a notice in there is definitely going to be missed.

I mean be reasonable here, people who play 20 hours of a game in a couple of days, are not the type of people a strict afk timer effects the most. If you read the examples people give, it’s effecting people who can’t sit down and grind stuff out non stop for hours at a time.

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What is the ‘reasonable’ you speak of on a gaming forum? :crazy_face: :joy:

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