The 3 main points to transform current Necro in the best summoner class ever!

Hi guys,

After more than 600h playing as a necromancer I would like to address the 3 main points I think it lacks the most.

Minion management AND positioning:

currently the pet follows me, so it means that I’m exposed while running to the mob when I want to be on the back as a summoner.

So can we have the option to select minion formation please? Maybe not something super advanced, but having them always in front of me or around me will be really a great quality of life.

I know I am always pressing A around but that 's not the best as they go back and forth from my back to the mob doing no dps during the trip.

That is also why caster pets are better than melee one.


It’s currently harder than any other class to equip a summoner, because in addition of crit avoidance and resistance and life and mana and cast speed like any other class you have to invest in a lot of different minion stats like:

Minion health

Minion melee or spell or poison damage

Minion Regen

Minion doge chance

…there is 13 minion’ stats atm, in addition of your summoner’s one!

So can we at least merge minion stats by theme? i.e have just minion damage insead of xx type of minion damage?

i.e in my VK auto bomb I only have to invest in Vitality and I’m done for all!!! so much easier to equip


Also I feel that with all minion slots mostly taken by summon that are passive I don’t have room for active skill gameplay, I generally have a regen mana skill like Rip or drain and I’m done.

So I would like to propose to have a special necro bonus passive tree +ONE MORE SKILL SLOT PERMANENT FOR A MINION ONLY! That will really help us in more active gameplay and give us more room for building variety and will be a real change in summoner approach.

Plus the current +50% minion damage is really underwhelming at least.


Also as a general note I feel that we can add even more fun and objective with temporary food and drink that can be a recipe that we will craft (donjons one?) and that can add a temporary food and drink that will buff life and mana.

That was all my idea to contribute to this excellent game that I love!

Have a great day travellers!

PS: obviously English is not my native language so sorry for my mistake :slight_smile:


Grim dawn AND PoE work on the logic of minions AROUND the player(and attacking anything that gets too close), not just following behind - in those games minion builds are top tier as a result. Also minions straight up teleport to you if you get far enough away from them.

Last Epoch minion AI however is not that good, as they move slowly and you need to stop and run back or press the A button; for them to actually attack enemies right in front of you before the enemy gangs up on you.(with some VERY short aggro range on your minions too)

Also clear speed is really bad as minions all attack the same target even when there are multiple targets, which is really inefficient when you don’t need those many attacks to kill smaller enemies.


I gave up after the last Minion AI ‘rework’ that fundamentally nothing is going to change

Theres some fundamental flaw in their coding which the devs seem fine with.

I made a lot of feedback about Abomination decaying etc and EHG actually did change it to work without a decay but the minion AI is so bad after about 10 minutes ive had enough

ive had many humorous but also really sad situations where Abomination is stuck between monsters trying run next to me instead of killing the mob in its way while other monsters hit it and it does nothing.

My necro’s only use now is to rush to the Chronomancer and skip everything on the way and I only do that when im upgrading a legendary - so basically never


Dang, negative nancy over here.

Small studio bro, minion AI isn’t like solving 2+2, it requires a lot of work. I’m SURE they’re working on it, just like they are working on everything else. Why don’t you give the feedback and let the devs do their job. It’s pretty weird to claim that the devs dont care in the same exact post where you acknowledged that they made a change that you requested.


Excuse wont hold after 2.5 years anymore, the minion AI is awful.

Wow thanks EHG for making an unplayable skill playable after spending vast amount of dev hours coding it, animating it and then spending time playing it and telling them it sucked. I guess I should be utterly thankful a game I paid money for improved a facet of the game

Why even respond at all, you are essentially just trying to troll me with a reaction. You should do what most do here and report me to Mike

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, every single dev should be working at least 30-40 hours a day to get things up to snuff! Do people honestly think that the devs are real people with biological & emotional needs or that there could possibly be any other priorities rather than catering to the demands of a small segment of the game’s design space! Nobody wanted any of the systems, skill reworks or character class that the devs have been working on over the past few years!

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Or am I gatekeeping your feels here?


Guys please keep it nice, we all have right to own our point of view, but we must communicate it with respect of the community and dev team.

Also I did this post because I strongly believe EHG listening to the community feedack, and that necro can and will be inprouved, so I wish to contribute positively.

And in every product feedback of coustomer that is using fours 600h your product is extermily valuable so because they know it and they’re smart they have all intrest in listining to it.


I disagree with your gearing section.

  • You do not need to invest in mana or cast speed for your character at all as a minion focused Necro.
  • Minion Regen and Dodge Chance are almost completely unnecessary to gear in general.
  • There’s already a generic Minion Damage stat.
  • Minion Physical, Melee, and Spell damage are weapon only affixes that effectively do not compete with anything else.
  • Minion Poison damage is only available as an affix on Idols, and only useful for Poison builds.
  • Shared Damage type affixes are only available on Body Armor and Helmet slots and compete only minimally with Resists and Life.

I think you are overstating the difficulty of gearing effectively as a minion focused Necro, because…

The problem with that lies with VK, not with Necro. Gearing effectively should absolutely not be as simple as spamming a single stat across all your gear.

Yes, that’s how minion army builds work - in fact, it’s always been one of their benefits. If you want more active gameplay, spec your character differently. There is plenty of opportunity to do a build which uses minions and still has active gameplay - see the Mage Sacrifice builds as an example.

thanks for your feedback.

that really depend on how you build and play, in my case with a lot of zombie summoning I really need cast speed and so a lot of mana, that why I’m playing either with rip blood or drain, as I need this ward to generation to survive high corruption/arena.

Then you still press “A” too sporadically, as often as I hammer on this key there is no problem with melee minions.
Running speed for minions also helps immensely to have a much better experience with them.

No, really not…
BroncoCollider has already discussed some of this.

Yes, there are some skills here and there that harmonize incredibly well with their respective class.

Dexterity for shooting skills or dodge rate/glancing blow?
→ Yes, please!
Strength for melee damage and good armor?
→ Yes, please!
Intelligence for spell damage and ward?
→ Yes, please!
…and so on…

Great idea, then we have instead of 5 just 6 “passive minion types” running.

I didn’t like “Path of Flasks” even in Path of Exile, it was just very, very annoying.

I still like to recommend:

Seems to be slowly wiping the floor with Google Translator and the like, but it’s not perfect yet either.

thanks a lot all for your feedback, always appreciated! and a litle off topic but I was looking at the arena ladder and I see necro with summoning skill as high as 726 waves…myself i’m struggling around 200/250 (not bad but far from the top). not a quation of killing potential but more of survability one. res and crit cap, some ward, but still feeling fragile.

So I was wondering if there is a really specific necro build/uniques combo that help with pushing so high in arena?

Have once briefly converted one of my older links in the build planner [Skills and Passives are now no longer up to date - parts of the equipment also not entirely.], this was before already quite “tanky”, now with legendary potential you run with it almost blindfolded through the arena i think.
Have fun and nice coming days :evergreen_tree::

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thanks! I really love how LP oen new build and idea, and new hunt objectives!!!

Do you know that you can snapshot your Minions?

That’s how I played:

Just change armor, knock out all the skeletons, make the Abomination out of it, summon the two Golems (omit the skellete here), then change armor again and go for it.

However, some Legendary Items from the other link are not quite usable anymore on this condition.

In short: Get a complete Minion armor set AND a complete equipment set for yourself.

Here is the second link with skills and then used Minion equipment:

Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)

LINKS from the Neokortex are a Christmas exception today. Have fun.

EDIT: Updated link, Abomination was off.

I forgot:
You can also leave out the golems completely and rather take the 5 melee mages, they are simply stronger…


OMG I was thinking it was dynamic but they only take stats from when you sommon them??? that’s opening a world for me, THANKS!

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Yes, that’s exactly how it is.

Oh, one more thing:
Abscence of Life [Aura of Decay] is what keeps you alive most of the time [was important to you]. Just add enough healing effectivity.

Well, that’s enough now.

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For now but I realy hope they change this or nerfhammer it.

It almost sounds like you are describing a game in Beta.

re: snapshotting

Yeah. I found this out last night playing my Abomination build, and it wasn’t triggering Devouring Souls (even though I had sacrificed 5 mages), until I rebuilt it after I already had that node in the skill tree.

This would be a problem, the minions should at least update apon skill tree changes.