The 3 main points to transform current Necro in the best summoner class ever!

Minions are snapshot, it’s not ideal it’s just how the game works (at the moment).

I’m just not a fan of the decaying abomination. It dies at the most inopportune times.

So I try running the permanent abomination with dread shade and infernal shade and five dread knight shades with high cooldown and necro damage. Just throw shades on the minions and let them do work.

Only stats I seem to care about are minion spell damage, minion health, and cd recovery for minions. After that I just spec defense for my necro.

But I totally agree on the AI for the minions, they need to increase the leash range for when minions are aggro’d by enemies. Their leash range should be higher than yours. They should create a minion leash range on top of the normal aggro range that when enemies enter that circle, they are targeted by minions. I’ve played around with it and the leash range is crazy small, basically less than half the screen to aggro something in some cases.

Also, Death Knights could use tele to enemies like rogue gets, just saying.

I do feel the pure summoner necro could benefit from a bit more control. Though it is also not quite clear to me how it works right now.

If I press A while targeting a monster, the behaviour is clear - all minions attack that target.

However, if I press A while targeting the ground, I see inconsistent behaviour. Sometimes this appears to act like a ‘Move’ command, with minions ignoring everything until they have reached (a point close to) the indicated area. At other times, it appears to act like an ‘Attack move’ command, where minions (particularly ranged ones) will stop and start attacking if they acquire a target while en-route. I feel the latter behaviour may be more desirable, but this probably depends on both the minion type and the player.

I also feel some individual control might be good. I’m thinking of the way the D4 necromancer works - a permanent minion skill passively summons its minion, and has a separate active effect which affects the minions summoned by that skill.

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Yeah I’ve tried to use A many times and it just doesn’t seem to work right for controlling them.

Only time it definitely works is when I target an enemy and use a, minions will run to attack it.

Currently the issue I have is minions will use ALL their spells at once on the first target. Like slow down guys, don’t need all your spells cast at the first minion you see.

Frankly, while I still use A once in a while I just summon wraiths where I want to go and let them pull enemies closer and the rest of the minions go follow them. Slows down travel a bit and I sometimes forget to not go just running to the next area…often ending up in the middle of some enemy that seem just as confused as my minions.

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Yeah, the summon wraith thing was definitely something i’ve tried but its still annoying, it really slows you down having to wait on your minions to go everywhere and they always follow behind you until you aggro enemies then they attack.

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They don’t follow behind if you use A to direct them.

Their default mode is behind you, so you have to lead them with A everywhere or when you stop they stop and wait til you pass them before they start moving again.

Its a constant battle to keep minions between me and enemies that im trying to aggro without facetanking their initial aggro

Its annoying and slows you down and it also doesnt help that they sometimes spaz out and go wandering off for a few seconds or just run to you instead of fighting the enemies.


I really agree that should be the main point to adress and from my point of view having a defaut pet positionning like in other minion’s game seems not a big this to adress, and that will REALLY increase survability and quality of life of necro!

People need to stop using this as if it somehow corrects everything wrong with minion AI, having to tap A to get minions to behave in a way that they should by default is poor design.

It is, but it’s what we’ve got at the moment.

I hate the control of the minions, using them for targeting is ok but using them to move them to a location is terrible especially when they need to move through small spaces.
they wont attack anything until they are at that location. there needs to be an option for them to teleport to you or a specfic location so they dont all get jammed running across a narrow bridge or going through a door
there also needs to be a way to make minions aggressive or defensive or even better both.
example is i like to use my golem with tower of bones to generate threat so the enemies attack him, but as soon as its killed a target it runs straight back to me bringing a world of pain with it. i would like him to stay aggressive and not come back to me unless called to.
However i also like my other minions as defensive, staying close to me to attacking anything that comes close and utilizing dread shade martydom to pick up the armour buff.

i dont know what the solution will be but to me these are quality of life changes i fell the necromancer needs, escpecially when i like playing it on hardcore.

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