Text and UI scaling

I know this is not a fun awesome thing to be adding, but I think its necessary. This game is on geforcenow, and is played on tvs, there is no scaling at all and its impossible for some of us to read. Please please add something for us, its such a shame seeing a video each week about all the amazing new skills and multiplayer and just hoping you will realise we need scaling to even play the game. I have asked on almost every social media I can think of for 2-3 years now and nothing. I have even had youtubers tell me they have asked for me also and got zero response.

I really don’t understand how a game nowadays doesn’t have such a simple feature, even if it only affects a small percent, its unfair and should have been a priority long ago.

Similar to subtitles and other accessibility options “it’s on the list”, as mentioned by EHG_Kain in this post.

Judd Cobler, EHG CEO and LE Game Director, quickly mentions UI scaling in his answer to this Steam Deck question. Again, it’s something they’re planning to do.

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Thanks for the link, not come across this yet. I do hope they speed this up though. As exciting as new classes and multiplayer is, its completely pointless if I can’t even see the text. Its probably not a problem for those who sit in front of a desktop and are young enough to not have vision problems. But nowadays a lot of us are 30s-40s and played rpgs our entire lives. Growing up on diablo and titan quest.

Imo the game is the best in the genre, path of exile as gone stupid and diablo 3 is end of its life. Maybe diablo 4 will be ok but blizzard leave a lot to be desired, so I expect a lot of people will move over to last epoch.

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