Test Dummy - DPS testing

When running DPS tests on the test dummy you get a pretty good impression of what your build can do. But it occurred to me that maybe the following enhancement would be of use:

  1. Open a dialogue box where you set a) a start delay (say 5-10s) and b) test period (say 10-30s)
  2. Then when you go “OK” the delay counter counts down so that any build which needs a ramp up period can get going first
  3. After the delay counter count expires then your average actual DPS is calculated over the test period of say 10s to 30s
  4. Finally once the test period expires it display the actual average DPS dealt
  5. Obviously activating / running the test should be optional so that you can hit the dummy as currently is case

Would be a nice way to run actual average DPS tests without guessing from all the numbers which come up so quickly that my old eyes can’t keep track of them :thinking:

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Excellent suggestion. If any of you played the MMORPG Rift I know there was some type of tool built in that players could view their dps over time while using the test dummies in town. And the numbers do fly up on screen incredibly fast, so it would be nice if your highest crit somehow stayed on screen for 5 sec giving you time to jot in down on a piece of paper before testing another piece of gear.

A combat log would be nice. Though don’t forget that the training dummy has no protections so your dps is inflated by a significant amount against it (that said, it’s also a standard reference, so even with the lack of protections, it’s still a good comparator).

Quantifying my overall dps would be amazing, big +1 to that. I’d also be suuuuuuuper down to know how my damage is split between devouring orb and future strikes. And since I’m playing sentinel, a dummy that hits back would be really awesome too.

A whole stage you can port to would be nice like in Marvel Heroes. On simple 100 to 0 dummy isn’t enough by far. We need regular 100-0 dummys, boss 100-0 dummys, grouped dummys for AoE, allied dummies for heal skill test, tank regular and boss dummy to test tankieness, timed boss dummies that show how long you took to kill it and so on and so forth.
With the little information the game offers we need an area to test builds a lot and maybe with the possibility for preview skilling to throw skilpoints arround an test the best possible build without beeing forced to waste a lot of time and/or money for skills and passives.
Everythin else will be a waste of development time and some wannabe option noone is realy helped with in the end.

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Would definitely like something like this long term…

For now, just a log of hits/crits with timestamps saved in a chat window or something would be perfectly fine - no need to hassle the devs when they are making other goodies for us…

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Im using the test dummy as well very often its really good for fast testings. (highest crit, different skills)
but usually im looking at the character sheet dps
im just using this as a reference, it should be calcualted all the damage including dot damage
hope im correct

The Basic Attack DPS on the character sheet wont show throwing, spell or DoT damage. For that you need to look at damage numbers above the dummy.

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ah ok thanks. thought DOT damage is as well includet in the char dps.
yeah your right great would be if you hover over the skill and there is a dps number.
but as @vapourfire said no need to hassle the devs when they are making other goodies for us… :smile:

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