Temporary Connection Issue - Reverting Changes

[Update] Deployments are happening - next test underway as of 2023-03-10T19:20:00Z

We are aware of a recent resurgence in errors attempting to connect to servers. We are reverting a recent change in conjunction with further investigating the issue.


ok :frowning: i hope i can play

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Hello there! As soon as we revert this change we will be back to where we were earlier today.

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Is there a rough ETA on how long this revert will take?

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Yes, It would be nice if we had an ETA so we could plan accordingly. Guess staying up till 3:30 am last night wasn’t unfounded.

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I was thinking I should have stayed up even later than that; at least then I may have woken around the time that the revert is completed.

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Online is a big change for the game.
Most people know that there would be some problems.
I trust you to settle this quickly^^ good luck to all the team !


Hello ! Is the reversion still ongoing , because there is no playability at all at the moment.
Neither online , nor offline. If you arent logged in you might no log in at all.

Just got the game and cant even play hehe. Well we shall se whaat happens

we’re rooting for you @Aluxaeterna ! growing pains =)
i’m loving the changes and game performance tweaks. not sure that my employer feels the same since I’ve done edit a ton of work today.
more baby scorpions! 6 scorpions and a movie

Same bro… same…

It’s live and up again! Lets gooo!!!


Nevermind… Unable to connect to the servers.

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i connected like thyis 1: play offline 2: Switched to Online character 3: connected

Yeah, you can connect, but can’t open mono’s or play anything other then gambling in town xD

How do you even switch from Offline to online on the same character?

i have new character on online,

i have no issues at least. playing normal and others are connect4ed to

LE-51 error on trying to login :frowning:

My roommate is playing, but he has been online since before this queue chaos started. He logged in hours ago. So everything seems to work fine when you actually get in.