Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss shift time back to ruined era

When doing the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss I shifted from the ruined era to the Imperial era to avoid the black hole, but was shifted back to the ruined era by the boss and killed.

I thought I did not understand the mechanics and looked at guides. After looking at guides I understood this was unexpected behavior. I repeated the boss 4 times in total and died the same way all times.
I asked in Discord if someone else had the same problem, and I got some feedback indicating that I wasnt alone in having this problem.


That just happened to me too. Very frustrating way to die. lol

This happened to me 4 times in a row before I googled. I’m gonna be saving my keys for a bug fix cause this is broken right now.

Just wanted to chime in that I’m having the same issue. Here’s another similar bug report with a log file. Hopefully they can get this fixed soon.

Last 4 dungeons ended because of this bug, i got warped straight back into the big void slam after using the dungeon ability. I thought it was intended and sometimes i was fast enough to warp twice before the slam, but it kept occuring.