Temporal sanctum time travel ability malfunction

When using temporal sanctum time travel ability, it works as intended about 50% of the time. The look like this:

  1. Time travel ability is used
  2. Timeline has changed for a brief period (about half a second)
  3. Character is pushed back to the original timeline

Often times 2 or more times needed to use an ability to change the timeline.
I’ve tried to farm exalted amulets and used the ability very often to clear the second floor.
I’ve logged in, did a sanctum run, and left the game to create this log file.
Player.log (1.7 MB)


I would like to add to this saying I was having the same issues. It felt like I was having this issue more often while my forge guard minions were struggling to warp with me as I progressed throughout the dungeon. It makes Julra near impossible though when you don’t know if the time warp is going to get you out of the slam in time or not.

I want to confirm this is happening as well on my end. At first I thought it was a latency issue and my dungeon skill was lagging/double casting. However I tested this three separate times on different days and it remains an issue. This makes the boss’s lethal attack impossible to avoid.

I just died to this bug. Swapped at 10 o’clock to avoid the slam and was immediately swapped back.

Very frustrating.