Target Farming

Evening guys, (well here its evening)

Whats the best way to target farm an item.
Am farming a Staff in “The Stolen Lance”, but I dont know whats the best method.

Doing the boss over and over again or go for more corruption and hope on a world drop that way.

Its the Aberrant Call


Its not really possible to “target” farm general world drop type items beyond getting an appropriate blessing (e.g. unique drop rater increase or added chance to drop X type of item) and running the echo timeline most suited to getting the special echo unique drop type rewards (i.e. what you are doing).

Running higher corruption levels in echos helps too by increasing drop rates/rarity, but its all still RNG.

Obviously this only applies to world drops, as its easier (marginally sometimes) to target farm boss drops.

You would want to get Unique Drop Rate Blessing and Staff Drop Rate Blessing.
Then you want to keep farming The Stolen Lance, as you already mentioned.

Try getting as deep as possible within the echo web (the further away from the startign point, the higehr the chance for Unique/Set Staff Nodes to appear.

On top of that if you discover a Vessel of Memory or Vessel of Chaos, make sure to not use it immediately and try makign best use out of it.

I have a In-Depth Guide for that, even though that is more aimed towards High Corruption, but if you discover one or two Vessels the Guide already does apply.

The Unique you are after is not particularly rare and does not really require high corruption farming, but if you have a char that can handle it higher corruption further increases the chance for rare ech orewards to spawn.


Thx for the comments,

Maybe its better for me to wait until empowered mono’s then.
Am using the fire necro build ftm with the fire staff and gloves, but i find it to spammy for grinding. Thats why i was after the staff.

So am good for a build to clear everything until empowered i think.

But again thx for the explanations.

Sorry for hijacking the thread, i am in a similar situation and i am wondering if its worth it to target farm in normal timelines or is it better to just rush to empowered timelines ?

Empowered will always be better due to the higher corruption. But if its a common drop, you may be lucky anywhere.

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