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Tank Rogue 1000+ corruption (True story bro, not a guide)

First, this is NOT a guide.

Secondly, English is not my native language, I used a translator when writing the text. But since it is important for me to convey the idea, and not just throw out a lot of letters on the forum, any adjustments are welcome!

Rogue is my first character. I searched for information about him and in the most cases, the guides were reduced to the instructions “take this, this and this”. In addition, all this was limited to 300+ corruption at best. Very rarely, there were explanations why we take this or that node in the tree. Combinations were often used simply “because everyone does it.”

So there will be a long text below in which I will tell you how and what I did for my rogue, and why.

Up to 300 corruption I ran and tried different, but standard for rogue options. And… since I’m not a super mega pro player, I’m tired of DYING.

So I deleted rogue and created sentinel.

The End!

300-600 corruption

NO! :slight_smile:
I wanted to play rogue, at high corruption, but not die. And for this it was necessary to come up with something.

To begin with, I excluded mechanics that do not give a 100% guarantee of damage reduction. That’s why I’ve eliminated the dodge mechanics, completely. Only a predictable decrease in incoming damage. No “chance to dodge” in any case. After all, if there is a chance that something will happen, then there is a chance that it will not happen, and I am tired of DYING.

I turned the whole chance of dodging into a chance to get a glancing blow (Apostasy node). I made up my mind that I would receive all hits. It didn’t work out very well, I didn’t die any less. Then I excluded the option of dual wielding so as not to receive additional damage and took a shield in my second hand. But the chance to block is very much like the chance to dodge. And this was unacceptable for me at that time.

Fortunately, the game offers at least two solutions:

  1. Corsair’s set - Allows you to convert the entire chance of a glancing blow into a block chance. Since the game cannot do double conversion, under certain conditions we get both a 100% glancing blow and a 100% chance to block.
  2. Bastion of honor - immediately gives a 100% chance of a block in a small (in fact, just a giant) radius.

Following the path of least resistance, I chose the second option, since for the first option I could not maintain the necessary conditions constantly. But from the first option I left the helmet. Up to 35% increase of block efficiency! (I haven’t played other characters yet, so I don’t know how much or little it is) Cosmic value, I thought (ha-ha…).
Thanks to this helmet, bleeding was chosen as the main damage mechanic.

Since we get every hit, without any chance to dodge, it was logical to invest in “HP on a glancing blow”.

  1. I got 27 HP from the affix from armor and 32 from the passive skill “Thefguard”.
  2. 500 dodge rating (15% dodge chance) converted to 30% chance glancing blow (Apostasy node).
  3. 60%+ glancing blow chance with passives in total. 100%+ chance with 4+ stacks of dusk shroud.
  4. Cap resistance, the maximum possible HP (2000 with my gear at that time).
  5. About 2000 block efficiency, which is another 50% reduction of incoming damage from hits.
  6. Death’s door - as an additional option (often helped).
  7. Without focusing my attention on the armor, I got about 400 armor, which is about 13% reduction in damage from hits.
  8. I didn’t have enough affixes for endurance, and by the time it came to endurance, my character’s life had already improved and I ignored it.

I will note that each additional layer of defense becomes less effective. Therefore, it is more profitable to concentrate on a smaller number, but higher quality. At that time, it seemed to me that it would be easier and more profitable to focus on the effectiveness of the block and the chance of a glancing blow. Unlike endurance, these two mechanics work for the entire HP pool.

I recreated approximately the same situation and recorded a video. 400+ corruption.


last epoch Glancing Blow - YouTube

Of course, it doesn’t work so epic against heavy hits. But if you exclude small losses from the damage taken, then it’s easier to cope with big hits. Moreover, in the game you can get sky-high values of life leech. A bleeding heart will help you.

The popular flurry was chosen as an attacking skill.

At the end is a short list of key needs.

Blessing – grand bones of eternity (up to 800 flat block effectiveness).
100% glancing blow.
50+ HP on glancing blow.
HP as much as possible.

From that moment on, the comfort reached an exorbitant level. I did not even have to ask to “hold my beer” to pass the Echos.

Last Flurry cool fight

Last Epoch Bleed Rogue 783 corrupt arena - YouTube

Until the moment happened…

Another OneShot!!!! 600-800 corruption

Starting with 600 corruption, I started getting OneShots more and more often.
The RNG gods were not kind to me, and there was no way I could get Ravenous Void.
I died 3-5-7 times per echo.
To be fair, I first tested various combinations of mods for echo.
Of those that I particularly remember:
Void enemies have increased damage by 832%, multiplied with 350%+ more damage
Or for example, enemies receive 50% less damage and have 45% increased resistances and… one more time increased by 45% resistances, and of course 300%+ more health.

In the end, I noticed that it all came down to the fact that I began to avoid certain nodes. This means that the build does not work as intended.

The apogee of what was happening was the bossfight on which I tested what I could withstand.

It was necessary to change something, and significantly.

OneShot Fest !!!

Last Epoch Bleed Rogue 783 corrupt Boss - YouTube

800-900 corruption

Remember I said that life got better and I ignored some of the defensive mechanics? What a fool I was)))

I began to experiment with increasing endurance - it did not give results.
I tried to gain as much armour as possible. But for rogue, this is not an easy challenge )
I raised the avoidance of critical hits to 100% - I didn’t feel the difference.

Looking ahead a bit - here's a video in which I have 0% crit avoidance

Last Epoch, 899 corruption, 820% Item rarity - YouTube

Original lyrics

It’s such a warm place, but there on the streets
where our footprints are waited for,
stardusted boots
sparkle and shine.
A soft arm chair, checkered plaid,
not pressed and not hurried.
A bright sunny day
above the dazzling dreams…

My blood type is on my sleeve.
My serial number is on my sleeve.
Wish me now some luck in the fight,
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I would rather stay here with you,
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but the star that reaches high in the skies
still gives me the route…

My blood type is on my sleeve.
My serial number is on my sleeve.
Wish me now some luck in the fight.
Wish me…
I won’t stay in this field of green.
I won’t stay in this field of green.
Wish me now to be lucky,33
wish me now…
to be lucky.

The logic of thoughts is as follows:
Even if each next defensive mechanic is less effective. And what if we take all my current mechanics as a starting point, it turns out that if 3k damage is inflicted to my 3k HP now, then a 25% reduction of damage will allow me to survive!

As a result, I decided to add the passive skill “Evasion”, thereby adding a little reduction in incoming damage during movement.

And completely redesign the build


(post deleted by author)

Thats quite amusing to watch a non sentinel build just take the hits on the chin… :wink:

Bastion really is OP… but its really hard to get one so I have no problems with its power… just hope the devs add more Uniques of equal awesomeness so that we can have some variety… Set items like Corsairs are interesting but they just cannot compete with Uniques (& Legendaries or even exalts) right now…

Welcome… :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to expand and continue the story, up to the current 1000+ moment.
There will be a couple more “plot twists”)

If you have any questions that I didn’t mention, please ask, maybe I tested it and will be able to share the results.

Oneshot fest is expected ahead))))

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Correct me if I am wrong…
13 unique shields in game. That’s almost 8% chances to get one on each rune of ascendance.
It sounds extremely easy to get one, what am I missing?
Edit: forgot about the set items, so % would be lower. Still very easy though.

I want to say that the rune of ascendancy respects the unique re-roll chance so more common uniques are more likely to be obtained, but I could be wrong.

Ah, yes, that would make sense. I hope it is the case.

Still wish they would remove or at least nerf this Bastion though.

Nahh… I am of the opinon that they should:

  1. Boost or change other options so that there are more viable alternatives - This applies to all great Uniques, not just Bastion… For example, I gave up trying to find another unique shield used in any of the builds on Dammits website that collates youtube/forum builds… Take Flayers Pride Shield… looks like it could be good for a Rogue Bleed build, but its just not worthwhile… so fix it dont nerf Bastion so that its ALSO not worthwhile…

  2. Adjust the drop rates to compensate for power - things like Omnis & Ravenous Voids are really hard to get but they are also OP… I am all for leaving Bastion as it is, just make it rarer to find if its considered too OP… There has/have to be god-tier chase items in an Arpg - else we’d all BiS min/max every build far too quickly and have no reason to farm for anything anymore…


It all depends.

  1. Depends on expectations. If we consider 300+ corruption to be an endgame, then yes, any gear with 2-3 T7 affixes is an OP. Including some unics.
  2. Depends on other addictions. By itself, the Bastion does not imbalanced. I checked )
  3. Depends on how much gear is OP. It’s quite normal that some gear is better than others. How much better? Are you comparing gear with 4 affixes and a unique shield that has droped only 5 times up to 1000+ corruption? Then, OP.
  4. Depends on what the Bastion has to face. For example, with such a set of mods, bastion looks like paper.
regular mods

WTF2 — ImgBB

I like the concept that unique items have affixes that are unique in mechanics, and not just x3 values. Bastion fits perfectly into this concept, although in my opinion it requires certain adjustments)

Who can say why Bastion OP?

Julra T4

Last Epoch The Rendezvous with Julra T4 - YouTube

I didn’t say it was OP (although Vapourfire did), I only said I wish they would remove it.
Because every single completely block-unrelated build, with any class, any skill, uses it these days, it doesn’t make sense and badly hurts class identity.
Amongst many others: Arborus’ Poison Flurry Bladedancer, PerryThePig’s Numlock Spriggan Druid, Boardman’s Shatter Strike Spellblade, Boardman’s Death Seal Lich, Insidius’ Totems Druid… All these builds would work perfectly well and have better identity without the Bastion. And there are many, many other examples.

That said, I don’t mean to hijack your thread so I will stop arguing that. Sorry.

Huge respect for corruption 1000, obviously you worked hard to experiment with everything available and min-max to the extreme. Amazing result.

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This topic is just created for such discussions)
I just attach descriptions of my experience.

When I have enough energy to finish writing this topic, you will see how different the characters turned out, if you do not take the generally accepted combinations of skills and gear as a constant)

Or maybe the problem is not in the Bastion ?
Maybe the problem is that all these builds are built on the principle of “we take 95% from someone and add our 5% and voila, the build is ready”?

I am currently making a Rogue for 400-600 corruption for my 4-year-old son, hopefully without a bastion. We’ll see))

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Heh heh… Now thats a really good showcase for how possible it is to beat Julra T4 by understanding the mechanics perfectly… A lot of people complaining about Julra should watch this…

Its also a good way to show how good Bastion is - although you do have a legendary roll that is just CRAZY… 14% additional reduced damage on 100% block is OP all on its own… :wink:

Based on what I have seen recently, especially with the addition of Legendaries and the power level increases from gear, I think that top corruption levels have moved to about 500+ for min/maxers… Normal casual players with some skill 200+… but there is a lot of content and more end-game difficulty still missing… There is no reason in my mind why they cannot have a Julra T10 eventually… or make any of the other end-game content even harder…

and the devs have indicated that they will be doing an difficulty balancing over the whole game when the content is complete…

EHP vs 1-shots
But i think we can do 70k+ EHP

14% does not play a role on Jurla to be honest.
A small reward for the genocide in the Black Sun )

To properly evaluate the bastion, you need to know how it was originally conceived

I can assume that this is a shield that significantly improves the quality of life, but only from opponents nearby - which is what it says there

But in practice, “nearby” is very not nearby)
I think it is necessary to reduce the radius of “nearby” - and the idea will remain, and the ability to block everything on the screen will disappear.

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If I were forced to agree to make a change to Bastion, this would be it…

I dont recall the Devs specifically discussing the range of attacks and cannot find anything specific about it in @AndrewTilley Community Guide either… so Nearby is very vague… but considering weapons all have a “Range” value… it seems logical to me that Bastion shouldnt really have a range much larger than that of 4 or 5 (3 is the farthest I can find on a Spear) to be within Melee range… there are some skills that extend range etc, so maybe Bastion was designed to take those into account too… hence the Nearby…

Honestly… I hate to admit it, but they should probably make this change to Bastion… BUT please for the love of all things unholy if they do that, then they need to boost other items else we just lose a good item and get no other benefit…

I would even like a Bastion “clone” for 100% block against “Far away attacks”… :wink:

Current “Nearby” is the distance of the circle around the dummy.

They’ve always said that “nearby” is roughly the range of the circle round the training dummy. Plus from memory when the Bastion is equipped there’s a circle around your character.

Edit: And weapon range doesn’t really have much of an impact on one’s skills.

Yes @Shtrak and @Llama8 - I do know this. I have been playing more than a few moments obviously. I prefer my eggs in a smoothy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The question is related to Nearby being vague is because its different in different situations and nearby for bastion doesnt seem to be nearby for other skills or situations or gear… Range for weapons etc, seems to exist but isnt very obvious in its implementation.

I don’t think it is though, unless you have some examples?

Not sure that translated into English quite right. :wink:

Given what the devs have said in the past, that’d probably be a bug.

I don’t know, I really don’t feel that “nearby” is vague, since we know precisely what it represents. It’s vague for all players that are not informed yet, like “recently” may be vague for some also.

This, I do totally agree!

I was hinting at this in a generally sarky way…

I dont have examples and dont have the time to go look specifically right now but its like the issue with skills that have nodes that affect the distance of spells/attacks etc. There were a few examples of this in the bug section (cannot recall now, but I think it was one of sentinel shield based skills and some others) where an increased distance node is very hard to tell that it even works… There are other nodes where the distance node (e.g. Flurry shockwave) works well, but unless it has some visual animation, its very hard to see where the trigger point actually ends…

Its not the terms themselves… its the difference in secondary effects that apply… Recently is, afaik, fixed and cannot be changed… But distances for skills/effects tends to be more ambiguious because it can be affected by other things like skill nodes so it can be less fixed in stone…