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System Reports, and how to create one

[color=#FFFFFF]Using HardInfo on Ubuntu[/color]

Click on the for a screenshot.

  • Click on the [color=#8080ff]Ubuntu Software Center[/color].
  • Search for "System Profiler" without the quote marks.
  • Click on [color=#8080ff]System Profiler and Benchmark[/color].
  • Press the Install button, then enter your password if prompted.
  • Open System Profiler and Benchmark once it has finished installing.
  • Click on Generate Report near the top of the window.
  • [color=#8080ff]Deselect[/color] the [color=#8080ff]Network and Benchmarks options[/color], then click Generate.
  • Save it as a [color=#8080ff]Plain Text file[/color] (the Desktop is a convenient location).
  • Upload this file to your preferred file-hosting site and post a link to it.