Dear community, thank you for the participation in my survery with over 1000 votes! The aim of the survery was foremost to satisfy my curiosity, but also to see which classes and masteries might need some more attention.

Be aware that there are 5 classes and 12 masteries right now. This means if all of them were equally popular, then all classes would have 20% of the votes and all masteries would have 8,33% of the votes.


Favorite class

  1. Sentinel 29,2%
  2. Rogue 23,2%
  3. Primalist 20,0%
  4. Acolyte 15,7%
  5. Mage 12%

Favorite Mastery
S-Tier (>15%)

  1. Bladedancer 15,4%
  2. Void Knight 15,1%

A-Tier (>10%)
3. Paladin 10,7%
3. Druid 10,7%

B-Tier (5-10%)
5. Necromancer 8,7%
6. Sorcerer 7,3%
7. Marksman 6,9%
7. Lich 6,9%
9. Spellblade 5,6%

C-Tier (<5%)
10. Forge Guard (4,9%)
11. Beastmaster (4,6%)
12. Shaman (3,2%)

My try on interpretations to begin a fruitful discussion

  • Sentinel and primalist seem to be in a good spot at the moment, having the advantage that already 3 masteries are available, and thus more skills and passive points to play with.
  • Rogue is one of the newest classes. The popularity shows that EHG is on a good trajectory
  • Druid rework can be considered a success, because it is now sharing a spot with Paladin for the third most popular mastery
  • This remains to be seen, but it might be that masteries with minion focus are less popular than others. Whereas the archetype of minion masteries, the necromancer, is slightly more than average in popularity, the Forge Guard, Beastmaster and Shaman (totems) are among the less popular ones. Given that falconer and runemaster might bring the missing minion focus to the rogue and mage class, this brings up the question if this is time and effort well invested.

New Survey

Since the survey was such a success, i decided to make a second one about favorite skills. Since there are really a lot of skills with different purposes i tried to categorize them based on their tags. Feel free to fill out the new questionnaire here: Favorite skills


This is definitely interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing work, been waiting for this so happy with the results too.

I am laughing at primalist as two of its specs are at the bottom. I’ve been complaning about shaman for a while glad to see the data confirms it. I love the primalist and I want to see it better.

Also glad rogue is so popular with just two specs, quality is better than quantity.

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Based on builds created using Build Planner, the stats are different. Of course these are also just rough estimations, because these are only theorycrafted builds, without API there’s no way to know actual player builds.

All Builds for patch Beta 0.8.3 - Last Epoch Build Statistics (27k builds)
Class/mastery distribution is roughly the same among all classes. Sentinel received a lot of updated, so no wonder that people used it more. Primalist was behind, because there were no major updates to the class.

All Builds for patch Beta 0.8.4 - Last Epoch Build Statistics (13k builds)
Druid received a lot of love, so many options in regards to skills, items and builds. Other class distribution is roughly the same.


I think there is a very strong bias in the survey, because both Pala and Druid have recently received major updates or new “playstyles” (Druid Overhaul and Lightning/Electrify Support/Warpath overhaul for Paladin/Sentinel)

Even in Patch 0.8.4, which did get a lot mroe players into the game again, people still playing Paladin (maybe a lot of people that skipped 083 and for those Paladin Lightning Stuff/Warpath is still “fresh”)

So that would explain the top 2 picks from the survey and also your statistics.


I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I find that if I am making just a generic non-void build as a Sentinel, I almost always want Paladin just for Holy Aura’s always on effects.

I think the Paladin tree is mediocre. I think the Forge Guard tree is awful.

Hi Dammit, thanks for sharing your statistics. I think your stats indicate better what people are actually playing. You can see that Druid went from one of the least played to most played Masteries. Likely because many players knew about the rework and waited for it.

In contrast, my survey is about what players like from they’ve played.

Im curious, if i theory craft 10 builds are they all represented in your data?

Yeah. Although “empty” builds and dupes are purged occasionally.

I posted a build here several weeks ago and it did not appear in your site, so I wondered what the criteria was.
Your stats are very interesting, I’ll try to watch them each patch! :slight_smile:

You can find more details here. If for some reason you believe that your build should show up in the list of builds in LE Tools and it didn’t, please post the link to your thread in the thread I mentioned.

Well, I don’t see why it is not in.

But don’t add it, it’s not good enough and I’ll learn to comply to your rules! :wink:

How is lich B tier? i literally facetank every single boss in the game and dont need to dodge any mechanic becuz i lifeleech at insane rate and my hp never drops zero i literally never used potions the only boss i cant facetank is the sanctum 100 lvl one and i super fast clear 100 lvl timelines on 300 corruption so again how is that B TIER

Just because a thing is popular does not make it good and just because a thing is good does not make it popular. This thread conflates “good” & “popular”.

While this is good the key goal would be to gather up usable builds that can be played through the game and then writting down how many builds a person dislikes/doesnt play to see the quantity of unused builds. It might be not accurate due to preferences though.

I havent played much so im not sure what i like or dislike at the moment.

Are we talking about favourite class?

Favourite means not pigeonholed popular build right =)

The tiers are based on grouping classes by popularity - based on the results of a survey asking “what’s your favorite class/mastery?” Basically A and S tier are “over performing” based on how many people said they were their favorite, B tier are being reported as people’s favorites at about the rate you would expect (around that 8% mark that would be an equal distribution) and C tier are less popular than you would expect. It has nothing to do with how good a class is.

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@Deviant Out of curiosity, what build are you using for your lich? There are a few around (Rimed, Boardmans, I think ActionRPG has one) and I’m kind of over my LB mage after ~150ish hours. Marksmans squishier than I hoped. Lich might be interesting until they give us a proper void mage.

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