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Last Epoch Builds

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General info

Essentially it’s an automatically updated collection of build guides for Last Epoch. Currently this tool pulls build guides from forums and youtube. The condition for a build guide to appear in the list is pretty simple - the source (be it the first post of a forum thread or the description of a youtube video) has to have a link to a build planner. Please note that presently non english build guides from youtube are excluded.
Every build has a link to the guide (on forum or on youtube) and a link to the build planner. Btw, If you open build in the build planner, you’ll be able to generate a loot filter for the build if needed (just click on the filter-looking icon on the left bar there).

You can filter builds by any combinations of the following: game version, class / mastery, used skills, used unique items and build author. E.g. you can find Primalist Builds using Tempest Strike skill or Builds using Smite skill, not using any unique item.

Main features

  • By default (without any filter applied) the site displays the list of recently created builds for the latest game version.
  • Builds are in reverse chronological order, so the newest ones are at the top of the list.
  • Skills and uniques for builds are pulled directly from build planner, any info in source description is not used.
  • If a build guide has a video, a small youtube icon is shown at the bottom right corner; clicking on it will open youtube video in new tab.
  • An icon in front of build name denotes build source (youtube / forum).
  • You can click on various elements in build’s card to apply quick filter, e.g. if a build uses “Lightning Blast” skill, then clicking on this skill tag in build card will show all builds that have that skill.

Build Crawler Notes

  • Build guides from forum will appear in Builds section only if they have a video.
  • If there are multiple build planner links in build guide, then crawler chooses build link according to the following: latest game version, then max level, and if all of the above is equals then the first mentioned in build guide.
  • If you posted youtube guide and it doesn’t show up in build list, please make sure that it’s properly tagged and there’s a mention that it’s a build guide in video title / description.
  • If build title has a word “hardcore” in any case or “HC” in uppercase, then it will be tagged as hardcore build
  • If build title has a word “beginner” or “budget” in any case, then it will be tagged as beginner build
  • If build title has a word “leveling” in any case, then it will be tagged as leveling build

This site is updated automatically every hour.
Pulling data from the forum every hour can’t put any strain on it, cause it’s nothing more that a regular user coming to the forum every hour, opening the list of latest posts and opening a couple of them.
The algorithm for puling data from youtube is still in testing and not disclosed currently.

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.


Awesome, many thanks! :slight_smile:

Wow! This is a great addition…

Lovin’ it!

Awesome! How do you handly it if there are multiple build planners listed like for current and bis gear? Is the first one used or the last?

Currently the first one is used, because I assume that’s the correct one (which might not be the case). For forum build guides, If there’s no link to the planner in the post, but there are links to youtube videos, then crawler tries to find build planner link in video descriptions and once again, the first link is used.

Presently I’d wish that all build creators include actual build planner as the first link, instead of doing smth like [build for level 50], [build for level 90], [endgame build].

On the bright side links to all build planners are saved for every source internally. And in future I wanna tweak this to find “a more proper” one among them and show it instead, however it’s more difficult cause there can’t be a generic rule for that. The good thing is that I can just change the logic internally and there’s no need to update anything, you’ll see updated planner links for all build guides.

Great. Will edit my build guides accordingly!


  • Fixed an issue with source (youtube / forum) icon not being shown in the cards, it’s shown in front of build title

@Dammitt Hey man, thanks for the awesome addition to the planner! I am having a hard time getting it to pull my builds from YouTube. I have the planner in my video descriptions. Any advice on what to try to fix it?

The logic behind youtube crawler is non disclosed currently, cause it might change, but what I can tell is that there’s more that one way to get crawled by it.
In general crawler logic is as simple as making certain requests to youtube and fetching videos that supposedly have build guide for last epoch, then determining if that’s the case.

The main idea for a video guide to be included in build list is to be properly searchable in youtube using common sense. E.g. if your recently uplaoded video doesn’t show up in LE tools builds, you can go to youtube, search “last epoch build” and change sort order to upload data – do you see your video in the list? If not, then you should update video title, description or tags so that youtube search engine can correctly recognize this video as a Last Epoch build guide. If however you can see it in the list, then ping me in discord or PM here, there’s probably an issue on my end.

Thanks for getting back to me on it. I changed some stuff around on my recent guides where it is showing up now on the YT searches how you specified. I will double check it tomorrow to see if it updates to the planner. Thanks again for helping out and giving us so many tools as creators!

Yep, seems like you fixed it. Got a notification from my crawler, two of your builds were added:

Added build guides:

0.8.3 Flame Reave Spellblade Build(Hardcore Viable)
Void Mage VK 0.8.3 Build(AFK Lv100 Shade)

Hi Dammitt, absolutely fantastic feature for Last Epoch Tools, thank you for great work :slight_smile:

It looks very nice, works pretty fast(though the number of builds is small for now), and is very intuitive to use; especially I appreciate possibility to type part name of a skill/unique/author/whatever to narrow the options presented to the user.

However, there is a room for little improvement - I mean combobox filter for skills. Currently if I select a class, say Mage, the skills combobox still contains all skills for all classes, which makes not much sense. Can you hide non-chosen class skills, or move selected class skill to the top of the combobox?

Also, have you tested how the page preforms when there are plenty of builds? Say, a test database with a 1M of builds; I’m afraid it might be an issue in the future, judging on filtering on the current quantity of builds takes ~0.5s. A hint to make it a bit easier on very large data pieces - instead of instant applying filters from comboboxes add button “Search/Apply/Whatever name fits”, this way you’ll avoid multiple filtering before the final one.

It’s a really minor issue, but it’s on my todo list.

Perhaps you don’t understand how this works in general. Actual filtering takes milliseconds, the rest is the time for the request to reach the server and send the data back. So it’s not an issue. Plus there will never be 1M build guides. For example there’s a bit more than 2M builds in GT right now, and that’s over the course of 3.5 years – and I bet not more than one in a thousand has a build guide.

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Well, if filtering time won’t became an issue no matter if there are 100, 1000 or 1 000 000 builds to filter out then that’s even better! Although I sense kind of possible bottleneck for that “send the data back” - definitely there must be time difference when the returned result contains 10 or 10 000 builds. But I have no reasons not to believe you Dammitt when you claim that won’t make filtering too long.

That’s right, but it created a short WAAAT?? moment when I selected Mage class, and then tried to set a skill I saw Primalist stuff. Btw, possibility to type name of is kind of workaround for that in the current version of the tool. Still, it’s nice to read you’re aware of this little issue, and plan to do sth with it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I intend to implement either paging or smth of sorts, so there will never be that many results on a page.

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  • Added list paging to account for large build lists in future, currently page size is set to 50
  • Couple UI fixes for scrolling and filters

Any chance you have considered “code words/tag” that build makers can include in their builds description to denote:

Completed End-Game Builds?
Completed Arena Builds?
In-progress & For Advice Builds?
Perhaps even a character level sort?

Reason i ask is that there are a lot of people using your build planner (on the forum at least) as a test/what do you think of this/help improve my build… and these are not neccessarily builds that people would want to follow or test out but they will appear on your site…

I agree that it will be pretty neat. However this would be an ideal scenario when people include such info in guide titles or description in some form that can be parsed, and I doubt this will ever happen to considerable extent so that it can be used for build guide filtering. I can try to parse title and description as is and infer such info from it, it might be unreliable and difficult to do, but I will look into it.

Perhaps it might be possible to reach a point when half of people use some kind of tags in build guide titles for guides on the forums. But currently 30% of builds in build list are from youtube (btw I included only the latest guides from youtube, plus non english ones are currently excluded, so it could’ve been 50-60 % easily) and there’s no way to enforce tags of any kind for guides from youtube.

And if there will be other guide sources in future, this might be difficult to get such info from there too.

They won’t. This is being taken care of.