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Support for WASD Movement?

I would like to voice my support for implementing WASD movement instead of only ‘Click to Move’ mouse. Whilst I find the ‘hold a key to move towards mouse’ movement better than just only mouse movement, I believe it to be INSUFFICIENT!

My problems with click to move mouse movement is:

  1. Accidentally clicking enemies when you need to be running
  2. Constantly having to zigzag your mouse across the screen to kite
  3. Excessive clicking!

Benefits of WASD

  1. Always move in the exact direction you want
  2. Mouse can always be targeting the correct spot/enemies
  3. Most efficient (IMO) control scheme for kiting

If the reason to note have WASD is something like “literally every other ARPG uses click to move mouse” or “ARPG were built on click to move movement”, then I say these are shitty reasons to not implement what many players could find to be a very useful/helpful movement system. You need not be bound to old systems whence an equally enjoyable/useful option exists that some players would enjoy more.

I tried checking the discord/FAQ/pre-alpha build to see if it was already planned or not, and it seemed like it wasn’t. So hopefully I didn’t waste anyone’s time requesting something that was already in the works. I understand the devs are working on controller support, but I would personally still prefer mouse/keyboard with WASD.

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I agree that an optional WASD-movement option would be really cool. I personally do not mind using a mouse for movement, but I do know people that never got into certain ARPGs simply because of the movement restrictions.

Last Epoch is still very much in early development, so now would be the best time to start thinking about such a system. I would imagine it to be more difficult to implement as an afterthought when the game releases.


I have been mapping my skills to the lower buttons Z-B. Similar to Path of Exile I map V as my movement key and use mouse for click and directional.

I think the option to let us map all the keys could make everyone happy


I agree. All the reasons listed are good, but also consider that a wider variety of control schemes might attract more players.

I think WASD movement would be easier for any ranged character classes.

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please add WASD Thx.

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I fully support this. I have wanted WASD movement on this type of game for a long time. Please make this happen!

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Agree that an optional WASD-movement option would allow for a more controlled gameplay.

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Count me in as well, not to replace mouse-based movement, but as an option for those who choose it. Personally, I function MUCH better with keyboard-based movement than with a clickfest.

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This comes up on every single arpg forum. My .02 is this.

As long as it is an option I have no issue with it. I have arthritis and cannot use my left hand very well. Pretty soon I won’t be able to use my right hand very well either. So a mouse only is a necessity for me. Some people advocate for WASD movements ONLY, and I have a real problem with that. I’m not saying anyone here is, but I just wanted to point out there IS a different side to this debate.


I can guarantee that we won’t have WASD as the only option.

Thus far we’ve committed to both controller support (which we’ve made good progress on) and the control scheme currently implemented. We’re keeping an eye on this thread and discussing whether to have support for WASD in addition to the above, however there are no plans to have it replace anything currently implemented or previously promised.

To comment on the thread more generally, we’re not opposed to WASD input. That said, the ETAs we have set out for entering the beta stage of development and our official launch are already very ambitious, and any additional work we commit to could impact our ability to meet them. All I can say at the moment is that we are reading and discussing your feedback.


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+1 for WASD.

I have been PC Gamming for 20 years and cannot play with a controller so WASD would be most appreciated as others have said mouse control is not ideal for this kind of game (kiting or clicking enemy rather than move point) so yes please WASD in addition to everything else.

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Awesome idea, the first thing I notice about arpgs is space bar never makes you jump. Irregardless it doesn’t matter to me if I can Jump or not; though jumping or with wasd movement would definitely be something that breaks tradition.

I just bought the game and the controls are the one thing that kind of turn me off. I mean, in the future at some point a click to walk can become something that could get you killed. I don’t like spells being aimed at the mouse pointer either as most times I am targeting a minion because I cannot target the mob. I know the spells are hitting the mob of course, but I just don’t like how that works.

Another thing, I have my Xbox controller hooked up to the computer. I have played with the setup and no matter what I do I can only get my toon to walk in a line. Is there a way to set this up? It seems like the setting might be there but only one spot for movement and other controls for turning and such? Now thinking about it, the only thing I havn’t tried is setting up forward movement and then using the other stick to steer, I need to try that maybe.

Fully support WASD movement. Please implement!

Controllers are not yet supported-- the input system may somewhat know what to do with them but it will not work properly until support is added.

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