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'instead of only' discussion

Thank you. My concern stemmed from the OP statement: implementing WASD movement instead of only ‘Click to Move’ mouse.

I believe he meant “in addition to”, but he said instead of. I just wanted to make sure there are those who understand some of us simply don’t have the options you do. I certainly understand their opinions. Just making sure mine is understood also.

When they said “instead of only”, I assumed they were advocating for multiple options.

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Didn’t I say that?:grinning: I did say I believed he meant “in addition” to.
“Instead of” does mean “in place of” whether the word “only” is there or not.
As worded it means "only WASD " instead of “only mouse”.

My main concern is alleviated so there is no point in continuing. I don’t mean to come across as combative or snarky. I just wanted to make sure my opinion was heard. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like everyone else is entitled to be heard.

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The word “only” makes a huge difference to context. Without “only”, then you’re right in that they were suggesting to replace mouse with WASD. With “only”, many people (including Sarno) understood it as multiple options (WASD and mouse) in place of just having one option (mouse).

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My point is correct. Yes. It is widely understood by people to mean and imply multiple options, but in fact it is incorrect. The term “instead of” means TO REPLACE. It makes not ONE BIT of difference if the word “only” is there or not, unless he clarifies the meaning in the sentence (read a little bit down, at the end of this paragraph to what I mean)… It still means the SAME THING. “WASD” movement ONLY “instead of”, or to REPLACE, ONLY mouse movement. Read the sentence again, this time using the term “to replace” and not “instead of”. If he would have said “WASD & mouse” in the first part, and then said “instead of only mouse” in the second, then, yes, you would be correct. AS WORDED, it means to replace mouse with WASD.

English was the only class I received an “A” in, from grammar school through High school. I live right near UCONN campus, a state college. The meaning is implied and accepted, but is in fact incorrect. Nobody, except those like me, never even notice or care to be honest with you. Just how my wacky brain functions. But I have emailed the UCONN Dept. Of English Professor and asked her if I am right or wrong. I am man enough to admit it if I am. We shall see if she answers.

You can read it as instead of only 1 option.

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This is the rightly intentioned meaning considering the post was complaining about ONLY having ONE OPTION available for movement.

Why don’t you all actually read what I wrote, instead of what you think i intended like you did here. And my post didnt complain SFB. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt inferred the way IT WAS WORDED. The Professor agreed with me by the way.

And yes, you CAN read it as only one option. You can ALSO read it as REPLACING. Thats my whole point, DA.

Alright, bringing this one to an end.