Suggestion: chance for a monolith echo node to add a positive modifier

Instead of only stacking on modifiers that make the enemies tougher, there should be a small chance to encounter a positive modifier in addition to the existing modifiers. These modifiers should be revealed upon entering the echo node and give an “oh yes” feeling like getting a critical success when crafting. All these modifiers should only last for one node.

Some ideas for some modifiers.

  • Enemies drop 100-400% more gold.
  • A permanent ice beetle companion joins you in battle for this node.
  • You have 10-20% penetration against all resistances.
  • All unique drops have at least 1 legendary potential.
  • When you die you revive after 2 seconds. Can only trigger once.
  • Enemies grant 100-400% more experience.
  • Enemies have a higher chance to drop rare crafting materials.
  • You get 10-20% more attack/cast speed.
  • Spawn 1-2 additional reward chests at the end of the echo node.

Yip… Agreed…

See the following thread from Feb where I suggested the same thing in a comment…

Thread didnt get much traction but I think the main idea that we need more variety in Mono modifiers - both postitive and negative - is something most would agree on…

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