Additional Monolith Modifiers

I think adding more options for Monolith modifiers would make Monos more interesting.
Here is a few ideas I had, please post your own.

  • Enemies are (10-100%) more numerous
  • Rare enemies are (10-50%) more frequent
  • Enemies have a (10-75%) chance to Blind on hit
  • Enemies have a (5%-20%) chance to Shock on hit
  • Enemies have a (10-25%) chance to apply Critical Vulnerability on hit
  • Enemies have (5%-20%) increased Critical Multiplier
  • Enemies have (50%-90%) increased Stun Avoidance
  • Enemies have (50%-90%) increased Stun Duration
  • Enemies have (10%-30%) Critical Strike Avoidance
  • Enemies have (10%-40%) of their maximum health as increased Endurance Threshold
  • Enemies deal (20%-75%) increased (melee or spell or throwing or bow) damage
  • Enemies deal (10%-40%) increased (Cold or Fire or Lightning) damage

Was going to be silly and add “Enemies open a portal to the Rainbow Unicorn Level” but then I stopped and wondered…

Why cant modifiers on Echos be positive for the player?

Whats to stop it having a random additional modifier that benefits the player in some way added to the negative / difficulty increased ones? Something to motivate taking negative modifiers that you wouldnt normally take due to them being particularly hard…

Things like:

  • Rares have a higher chance of dropping Set items
  • All Chests/Breakables found contain Uniques.
  • Killing rares with one shot drops Set items
  • Killing more than 5 enemies in 1 second drops additional health potions…


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YES! Positive echo mods should exist like the loot goblins in diablo, something rare but exciting.

Agreed, let’s think positive!

One thing I really loved from Sacred 1 was the split modifier, mobs had a % chance to split into 2 mobs with their hp shared between the two (so if the original mob had 100 hp then the two resultant mobs would have 50 each).

Plus there was a modifier in Vermintide 2 where on death every mob would split into 2 of the next tier down. It would work a bit differently there since you’d have a champ mob that splits into 2 elites, each of which would split into 2 heavies which would each split into 2 normal mobs, so if you weren’t careful you could easily find yourself overwhelmed by a lot of smaller mobs that would tear you apart. Not quite sure how that could be transferred across to LE. It is kinda similar to the current fractured/reinforcement modifier. Though the resultant mobs could be 1 quality lower, so if the starting mob is yellow the spawned mobs would be blue and when they doe the resultant mobs are white.

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