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Still have questions

dont close topics if the customer said so … thats rude behavior.

like i asked here:

i was not asking about initiating a refund, what i DID asked, if there could be done anything else by your side. so dont just close that one and maybe instead answer it properly.

you guys have to have some connection to steam/valve, its just hilarious to make us believe it isnt so.

you also ignored my explaination completly. as i said i already initiated 2 refunds and all got rejected, completly ignoring the fact, that the actual requirements to play the game have changed.

so, i ask you now what i can do, because i cant communicate with steam. i hope you are honest ppl. i absolutly love the game … but im starting to hate the company, thats not how you treat potential customers.

But, something entirely different, will there be an offline-mode, where you dont have to log in the lastepoch account?
If yes, when will it be ingame? Cause then i just have to wait, that would be fine.


We are unfortunately unable to assist in any way with refund requests in cases where the purchase is not made from us directly. It is up to other companies to decide their own refund policies and whether a particular transaction meets the refund policies that they offer.

As previously stated in your other thread, Last Epoch has always been advertised on Steam as requiring a Last Epoch account to play. It is ultimately up to Valve to decide whether they are prepared to offer a refund request which is based on the game functioning as advertised.

At release, Last Epoch will have support for both offline-only, locally stored characters and online-only characters stored server-side and played in a server-authorative environment. Both of these character types will require will a Last Epoch account to play.

I am locking this thread as the core issue has been discussed at length, there is nothing more to add to the discussion, and we simply do not have any means with which to assist in this case.