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Cant refund game via steam due to many hours played, but

hello, since 0.8c you have to create an account, which i dont want to (i know, i had to now for this ticket…).

i tried refund twi times with the reason, that by the time i bought the game you didnt needed an account to play it, otherweise i would have refunded it directly and all were fine.

Now kinda many ppl, including me, have the problem that they enjoyed the game, but with update 0.8c are forced to create an account, which i dont want do.

So, can someone please refund that money and take away the game, so i can delete that account as well? That would be awsome.

Still, you have a very good game there, sadly you are forcing the users who just wanna play singleplayer to something they dont want, or at least some dont want.

If you need any information, just tell me please, i dunno how it works tbh xD

We are unable to refund purchases made from other companies.

We have not received all of the money, nor have we any information pertaining to the transaction, nor do we have access to the payment systems of other companies.

While the need for a Last Epoch account was temporarily removed, it was always advertised as needing one. If you would like a refund for a Steam purchase, you will need to continue to discuss the matter with Valve. If you would like to delete your Last Epoch account, you should be able to do so from your account management page.

how shall i discuss that ? they directly block it off cause i have played more than 2 hours… but the need for that account were off for the duration … and they kinda ignore that. i am not the ponly one very unhappy with that. just make an exception to those who had bought the game in the timeframe where it wasnt needed to have an extra account. can this be delivered to steam by you, the devs ?

is there nothing you can do there ? i mean absolutly nothing at all?

I am sorry, however as previously explained we have no ability to initiate a refund of payments made to other companies.