Still can't target Lagon with Smite

As per title. I understand Lagon (still) has issues with being targeted with some skills. I think this should be a higher priority fix since you’ve included Lagon in Monoliths.

Having said that, I haven’t fought Lagon in monoliths yet as I’ve just fought him in the campaign, but I’m assuming he’s the same in both scenarios.

Smite is my main attack skill which renders my character useless against Lagon. Having to slot another attack skill just to fight Lagon is frustrating.



I’m encountering the same Issue, i can’t focus Lagoon with neither Smite or Stendard Javelin.

Found a solution: Aim for the back of his huge head, you should be able to hit Lagoon

Same here. Impossible to hit with javelin or smite. Hammerdin is really fun to play, but this… no comment

This is a known issue with Lagon and it has been for a while. There’s currently a workaround where if you aim a little higher above him (near the top of his head) it could potentially help with actually dealing damage. We’re tracking these issues internally.

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That would be a great solution, except my current build utilizes the “Warpath” skill to cast “Smite” for me…and its not targeting Lagon in Monoliths. It renders me unable to progress the story. Hopefully this issue gets fast tracked, because this is highly frustrating.

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Yeah this is a known issue internally, I’ll re-up it.

not to sound disrespectful as that is not my intent but after 3+ years if the best you have a half-baked workaround that’s unacceptable for a game nearly reaching launch status he needs to removed from monoliths or fixed for ALL builds simple as that or this WILL be one of those make or break issues that will be all over YouTube and reviews once game is out of BETA status and in full retail