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[Steam] RX 580 - Low FPS

Hello, I just bought the game and I believe I shouldn’t experience such low FPS given my PC hardware.
After verifying the integrity of the installed files, I am still playing on 16-30 fps on fights.
Attached you can find the required information

DxDiag.txt (79.6 KB) (22.9 KB)

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

The game is in beta and is generally unoptimised so any expectations about performance should be considered with this in mind.

I use an i5-7500/1060GPU/16gb/NVME setup and I run the game at 1080p, all settings on very low or disabled with a framerate limit in place of 55-60fps. Your setup has roughly the same performance (barring additional cores on your CPU which the game doesnt really use)…

I get average in-play framerates of mid 40-55fps… with busy moments, dropping briefly into the 30s - sometimes 20s or lower for a millisecond or two if its a really heavy situation - e.g. a combination of lots of mobs, lots of minions, lots of skill procs/screen wide skills…

There have however been quite a few reports on the forum of RX 580s having less than expected performance, but these have been usually related to user expectations for an unoptimised game/in-game settings/resolutions/drivers or simply overloaded systems (doing other things while trying to play).

Based on your information provided I recommend trying the following:

  1. Lowering your settings to above.

  2. Enabling a framerate limit - this helps tremendously by preventing the game from trying to max out your GPU unneccessarily.

  3. There is an error in the dxdiag diagnostic seciton (end of the file) that shows a problem with the Radeon driver - I would recommend you doing a safe mode, clean driver installation to make sure that its properly installed and there are no corrupted GPU drivers etc… (use something like DDU if you dont know how to do this process manually).

  4. Disable any third party applications while testing - doesnt matter how irrelevant you may think they are, just dont run them while testing LE… This includes things like Steam overlays and things like that… I would also suggest disabling windows game mode if you have it running.

  5. The diagnostics also points to some sort of windows Store problem - I suggest that you resolve this - it may be causing background issues while playing that could affect performance.

  6. Along these same lines, check that there are no failed or optional Windows updates - you seem to be running 19044 which is good, but just check that there isnt something unable to update.