"Steam is now Required" error - 12/22/2023

Last Epoch is currently down due to a Steam service outage. Services should resume as soon as Steam is back up and running. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 6:25 PM CT: We’ve received a number of reports of players successfully able to log in again. The issue appears to be resolved at this time. Have a great Holiday Travelers!


Thanks for the update. I took the day off to play and was bamboozled by the “Steam is now required” message haha.

“But wait…I bought the game at Steam…didn’t I?”

Looking forward to slaying stuff as soon as the game is back up


Thanks for the quick update, and on the forum rather than just Discord. :smiley:


Appreciate the post. I was so confused on why it was going through migration when launched from steam lol.

Bad timing on when I decided to start playing again.

Thanks again for the info

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Mybe a bigger issue?

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Oh man, I literally was just smokin my bong thinking. “I WANT TO PLAY LAST EPOCH!” Unfortunate for me, but, these things happen hopefully it’s fixed soon :slight_smile:


i just got the game today, played for like 10min. went to dinner, got back to open the game and “steam is now required”.
I have been searching and fiding nothing, good im not the only one. just gonna wait to try the game.

I’m on Steam and it’s running perfectly so what do you mean by Steam is having a service outage?

Steam is running yet your game is not, how does this make any sense? especially since people payed for the game???

Still down. US West. 1502 Hours.

“Steam” is a large number of services, for example their store is one service, while their auth servers are a different service. This means one service can be operational, while another is not. Each service also has a large number of servers behind it to support the volume they do, so services can also be “partially” down with some servers still operational, others not. In this case it appears to be an issue with authentication servers. Because it’s not on our end, I don’t have any more details concerning it unfortunately, we have basically the same access to Steam status information as everyone in the public does.


i bought the game on steam and cant login…need to connect my account with steam it says…i did but still the same screen wich says i need to connect my steam :x

same here, you are not alone. just bought it today on steam, played 10min, now says “steam is required”

Is there any way to play Offline Mode without the Steam authentication?

sure does seem like it

no, this isnt about playing online characters, this is more like on copy protection level

we just have to be patient I guess, I just bought it a few minutes ago and can’t play :sob:


Same here cannot log in shhhhhhhhh

Same, just bought it from steam and can’t launch the game. Considering a refund now, that sucks

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Yo hace unas horas estaba jugando y ahora fui a jugar de nuevo y me aparece que actualize con steam y lo compre ahi -.-