"Steam is now Required" error - 12/22/2023

I wouldn’t refund, it shouldn’t take too long for a fix, this is a big deal cause it affects a lot of games.

everyone take a chill pill. yes its annoying not being able to play, ( i bought the game last night and installed at home and laptop, give it a few hours, this is not a Last Epoch issue, its Steam being Steam.

I really like your name LOL

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I wouldnt refund, the game (once running) is excellent, having so much fun here, I’ve parked D2, D3, D4 and PoE.

At least I know whats going on now…thought it was just me.

exactly why I purchased the game as well, I’m really excited for it once these steam problems are all fixed

Oh man, that’s a bummer. I just bought the game as a Christmas present for myself. Was looking forward to playing this weekend.

if I had to guess, expect the issue to be resolved to either be up today, or tomorrow. its a Valve thing so we can only pray

Has there been a statement from Valve yet?

Its back on


Yup back up my end

6:26 pm CST and I can log in

Update 6:25 PM CT: We’ve received a number of reports of players successfully able to log in again. The issue appears to be resolved at this time. Have a great Holiday Travelers!


same here dude! lol

I’m just now getting this message on steam today.
EDIT: Now it is working again. I did nothing on my end, so maybe Steam was just very temporarily down… idk