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Steam Account Linking

How i can link my steam account?

Hey, Welcome to the forums.

Go to:

Login there and you will see a Link to Steam option.

No any links here…
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They changed the word to Redeem…

I dont have Dowload Launcher option in my Account profile(overview). Can i dowload launcher from other resource? Please help me.

What are you trying to do?

Its not that difficult so I am confused as to what the problem actually is?

  • If you bought the game in Steam, then you can play directly from Steam as normal and you dont need to do anything else.

  • If you bought the game from Last Epoch directly, then you can download the launcher from your account page above.

  • If you bought the game, you have the option of playing it via Steam (Redeem) or via the standalone launcher that you download and install from your account page.

If you didnt buy the game then you obviously cannot play it.

If there is no Redeem Option or No download launcher options then something is wrong with your account / browser or something else and I recommend that you Submit a support request directly with EHG

I bought the game in Steam. Run play button. Ended up on the start page where you need enter acc/pass. SO i went to the site, created account and now trying to link this account to my bought in Steam game

Ok… thats much clearer…

You simply need to click on the Redeem in Steam link (e.g. from the image I posted above) while you have Steam open and this will then link your EHG account & Steam Account. You can then use the same login credentials you used to get to your account page (website above) in the game.

If that is NOT working then you need to contact EHG directly so that they can check your account - there is nothing you can do from your side if there is an account related problem.