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Stash Tabs disappeared

hi since the lates patch my stash tabs from Keys section are gone with all my Arena keys and 1 dungeon keys… i had 2 stash tabs in the Keys Category 1 Arena keys and 1 dungeons keys both of them are gone with all the keys…


Assuming you are not mixing up categories & tabs, it sounds like you have a corrupted stash file.

It can happen while reorganising your stash and unforutnatley the only way to fix it requires that you manually edit the stash file on your machine to correct the stash tab references (CategoryID TabID)… I have not heard of it happening by just updating to the most recent patch but if it did, then I assume that the same way of fixing it will apply.

See the following post in the bug section - its a little long, but it does explain what is going on and how to fix it (nearer the end of the threads).