Stash Tabs decreased in price.. but no refund?

There is already a thread about this, there was no need to create another one.

There isn’t any reason why a refund should be issued. In your example, if you buy a TV and the next day it’s 50% off, well, sucks to be you. If you go to the store asking for a refund they’ll just laugh at you (apparently, except for CostCo and other US stores, but that is just indicative of american mentality).

Have you already sent your email to NVidia/ATI/whichever to ask for a refund because your graphics card is cheaper now than when you bought it?


since they are getting rdy for the real 1st season update its ok, you got to start all over again every few month anyway, so no need for a refund of ingame currency

Apologies for not looking up every thread before making one.

The key difference between the examples, and even the one I made, is that they don’t have to refund large amounts of real money, but in game pixels. It would be a cool “Here you go, players. Thank you for supporting us” thing for them to do.

I am not going to parade the streets or email them about it. I was simply asking if it was a thing that would happen, and then when people said there was no reason to, I provided an example.

There might not be a reason to you, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a part of the players who would love such a surprise.

Also, I live in Europe and you can totally go down to a store the day after, ask for a refund and then purchase the item with the new discount as they have to refund what you originally paid for it, but again… this isn’t about real money. I was simply curious and hopeful, but it won’t ruin my day.


“Bro you don’t need that much”

I really don’t know why some people go apeshit when they see someone saying needing a lot of stash tabs. While it might be true that having excessive amount of stash tabs might be unnecessary, I agree with the OP in terms of “having a choice”. Besides not like everyone are using it the same way as you do. I too like to have and need a lot of stash tabs because I too like to organize my stuff and sort them by category and I’m a filthy Legacy player, and simply because it’s my choice and something I simply just prefer.

It’s like I know we have really rich people here or people with really beefy PC but you don’t get comments like “you don’t need that much PC horsepower to run Last Epoch” because your PC ain’t even only for the sole purpose of running Last Epoch. If you have a beefy PC which might you don’t really need, then what’s wrong with that? It’s yours, you probably worked hard to buy it. Anyways, getting a little bit off topic here, but I hope anyone reading this gets the idea. And not trying to argue either.

As for the topic itself, I disagree with this idea. While others pointed out that we don’t get refunded for the stuff we bought before that’s much cheaper now. We ALSO don’t get charged if something we bought before is much expensive now. What if EHG decided to increase price tabs instead? Should they take our gold for all the purchases we’ve made? But I’m just really glad it’s much cheaper now.

Anyways, peace.

You don’t have to search every thread, you just need to either use the search function (top right) or even just look at the latest threads. This forum even arranges them from activity time and that thread was active all day.

I’m also from Europe and you have a limited time to do so and also it implies that there is no wear on the item. You bought the tabs and you used them, so you got your money’s (or gold’s) worth out of them.

Yes, it’s not real money and they could have refunded you without losing anything. However, if they did that, most legacy players that have been playing for years would suddenly have dozens of millions of gold and the economy would be even more unbalanced.


Maybe I have to search more, but the people who want a refund on statsh… I haven’t seen them asking to return the extra gold they got for selling arena keys before the price went down.

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