Stash Tabs decreased in price.. but no refund?

I love that we have gotten decreased Stash Tab prices, but it surprised me that if you spent 5 million gold on stash tabs yesterday, it’s just too bad.
As of yesterday, I had bought 28 Stash Tabs. That means I have spent 2.551.000g on Stash Tabs.
The current total price for 28 Stash Tabs is 406.000g
Which means I have “wasted” 2.145.000g on Stash Tabs.

I am sure there are people who have spent WAY more than me, which is why I was surprised there was no “Price Difference Refund” for Stash Tabs.

As an example, if you have 100 Stash Tabs. You have “wasted” 39.621.000g on Stash Tabs since the new total price for 100 Stash Tabs is 5.050.000g instead of 44.671.000g

I know this post is gonna sound salty, but are there any plans for a refund?
While I can suck it up, I could imagine since I feel a little cheated, those who have spent tens of millions, or even more than 100 million gold on Stash Tabs are feeling a bit cheated.

The reason I am salty is because with the refund, I would be able to get up to 70 total stash tabs, but now I once again have to grind for money T_T

No reason for a refund. They didn’t overcharge you they just changed them going forward. It’s no big deal to get salty about.


Yeah, I hate that I have to play the game as well…

I’m also still waiting for the refund for the VCR my dad bought in 1984. It cost the equivalent of 1200 USD today, and with DVD players selling for 50 bucks at Walmart, I feel I am entitled to a refund for the over-charge my dad paid 40 years ago!

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No way you are trying to compare inflation with this…
This is the same as if you go down to buy a new TV, and then the next day they sell the same TV for 50% off. Of course you’d feel salty about spending 50% more than you needed to if you had just known the sale was coming.

My post was simply me asking if there were any plans for a refund and letting my frustrations be known. If not, I will get back to the grind. No need to be petty in the comments about it.

what on earth do you need 70 stash tabs for?
you should ponder that haha

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I like to organize my things. Sort them by rarity, item type, legendary potential, etc.

Youre clearly an MG player. Any SC CoF player needs to hoard. Otherwise youre just trolling.

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If you want to play the game only having 5 stash tabs, that’s totally up to you.
I am a collector. I like having choice.
I might not know how good an item is at the moment, but down the line when I find more affix shards, make a different build, or get a new skill the item I saved might be very useful.
You don’t know what you don’t know, but you can prepare for when you do know.

This is what my current 30 Stash Tabs look like. I would very much like to have a tab for each item type and rarity.

Dont argue with him you are correct about having a lot of stash tabs. Honestly you have too little especially if youre playing CoF. That being said no refunds, and it isnt too hard to get 2mil gold.

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Thank you, and I agree I have too little, which is why 70 would be amazing lol.
My post might’ve come off saltier than I am. It sometimes hurt to see what you have missed out on, but it won’t ruin my day. It would’ve been nice to get my money back, but what’s done is done. Hindsight is 20/20

TBF they did mention stash tabs were getting changed days before. If you really wanted to min/max you couldve saved your gold until patch day.


I sadly did not keep up to date with the news.

nah, I’m CoF. I like finding items, to me the treasure hunt is at the heart of the game.

Regarding your desire to have a million stash tabs :slight_smile: - go for it! no judgement here

I just see no real need for it unless you’re saving things for potential alts. Items for your current character lose relevance pretty quickly as you level up. I recommend only saving items at a higher level that have really good implicits and either a T6/T7 affix that you may want to experiment with or a skill that you want to experiment with. Or something with a high level affix that may give you some flexibility in gear combos (like a high CSA on something might let you be more flexible with something else).

But to each his own! If you’re having fun, that’s all that matters

There’s this thing called “overthinking it” … shrug

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There’s this thing called “underthinking it” … shrug

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It’s a nice thought but I think if I were to get a refund for the tabs I have bought thus far, it would run into the dozens of millions mark. Merchant Guild won’t know what hit it when I breeze into town…

Get used to it, bud. You’re not entitled to anything.

I say we form a class action suit. Sure the lawyers will get most of the gold, but it’s the principle of the thing.